The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 1, 2011

So long, nondescript people who we've already forgotten...again.

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Unfortunately for Margie, she loses a foot from her costume and she and Luke have to go back for it. Their disappointment is probably because they messed up and now it looks like they may have to do a task on their own. But in swoops Mel who sees the foot and picks it up. Luke proceeds to kiss and hug Mel in thanks. Now there are eight teams vying for second place as any of them could hop (sorry) in front of another.

Zev & Justin get to their elemental clue box and head for the Pitstop. Since they are instructed to remain in costume (undoubtedly because Phil wants to mock them), I suspect someone messes up that portion of the task and is penalized for it. Thankfully, it is not Zev & Justin, who get a first place finish and a trip to Cancun as a prize - but Zev just wants a nap.

The Globetrotters and the sisters get to the clue next and leave before the others show up, even though they don't have much lead time. As the remaining teams, who aren’t engaged or father/daughter teams, get their clue, the struggles to get regular shoes on to drive allow Jet & Cord to jump into fourth place for the time being. The Globetrotters get to the mine Pitstop and are team number two.

Not too far behind them, Kisha & Jen have arrived at the Pitstop location but are weighed down by their costumes and gear, which lets Jet & Cord sneak past them for a third place. This means the sisters are number four officially.


The Daddy-daughter duos join forces to not be last as Gary & Mallory have clearly fallen behind the others and are...wait for it...lost again. Ron immediately regrets the decision as Mallory is just running in the direction she thinks the others went. They locate the clue in spite of all their wandering. Now Christina is regretting joining up with them because they are too impulsive and she doesn’t believe that they actually know where they are going. Ron breaks off from following them as soon as he can.

Amanda & Kris show up as the others are pulling out, so this may prove to a quite a close finish. Speaking of finishes, Margie & Luke are team number five, Mel & Mike are team number six, Kent & Vyxsin are number seven and Jaime & Cara are number eight. Of the three bottom dwellers, the first team to arrive is Gary & Mallory in tenth place and Mallory declares she is “hoppy” to be there. Is it wrong that I really only enjoy my own puns?

Battle for "not last" comes down to Ron & Christina and Amanda & Kris, which isn’t surprising at all considering they have been at the back of the pack since Detour. As a viewer, we get the pleasure of more arguments from Ron & Christina as they are number ten. Inept racers Amanda & Kris weren’t cut out for the race the second time, either. They were done in once again by a U-Turn but this time self-imposed. Even though it didn’t take them that long for the extra task, I suspect that even an extra ten minutes or so may have been enough.

See you next week, when the tasks appear to involve Japanese rituals with water and mud and Jaime & Cara cause a car accident. Good times.

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