The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 1, 2011

So long, nondescript people who we've already forgotten...again.

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With everyone working feverishly or dancing and cheering on the local singers like Big Easy is, Kent & Vyxsin are shockingly the first ones done with the mosaic but he is convinced they need the kids to dance with them. I am a bit unnerved by the number of times the producers play the clip of Kent saying, “Vyxsin, I need you to get me children. Children…CHILDREN!!” I await the nightmares. Instead of dancing on top of it, the Goths and their “CHILDREN” are playing ring-around-the-rosey. This is not the right way and their scowling aborigine Simon Cowell-wannabe judge gives them a thumbs down.

On the other hand, Zev & Justin prance on top of their mosaic to their aboriginal Paula Abdul’s approval and get their clue. Shortly behind them are Margie & Luke, sans their prettier counterparts. The clue takes them back to the town of Broken Hill where they flew into to find the Central Football Club.

Kisha & Jen can’t seem to get their mosaic acceptable and Kent & Vyxsin continue to do even more elaborate versions of the same wrong dance with the same non-approval from the judge. Yet, Mel & Mike have moved on and are in third place. Fortunately, the sisters get it right and the Goths finally reread their clue and see the little word “on” as in “dance on your mosaic.” Both teams aren’t far behind Mel & Mike.

As Jaime & Cara leave, Ron starts into Christina for not giving him specific directions on what materials she needs. Then, she tells him to speak in Chinese, so no one understands them. I am not sure if she doesn’t want people to hear how to make the mosaic or understand her dad belittling her. I am thinking it’s the second one.

As the teams leave the Detour (cowboys, Gary & Mallory, Globetrotters), Amanda & Kris have a glimmer of hope as they head to the other Detour task because Ron & Christina can’t get the mosaic right. As the engaged couple work through the Natural World task, it becomes painfully clear that this was the much easier task. They finish it about the same time as Ron & Christina.


Zev & Justin roll up to the next clue box first and it is a doozy. They have to dress up like kangaroos and using a periodic table of elements find the street corner of Mercury (Hg) and Bismuth (Bi). Public humiliation and a working recollection of high school chemistry…this may be the tenth circle of hell that Dante failed to write about.

Teaming with the only other ones at the task and because they can’t do anything on their own, Margie & Luke ask Zev & Justin to work together. They agree but then really don’t need the mother and son because they get the answer and directions to the streets from a local with a phone.
Meanwhile, the other seven teams seem to have clumped together and Kent’s "A" in chemistry has paid off. He knows the elements in question and appears to be their kangaroo guide. Bringing up the rear are Ron & Christina and Amanda & Kris.

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