Survivor: Nicaragua Finale Recap - Part 1

What about me?

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 20, 2010

Bitch stole my shoes.

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A hilarious segment ensues wherein Sash tries to feel out Fabio. Fab toys with his prey and he’s not really sure what he’s gonna do at the next vote. He’s gotta think about it. Sash’s plan to be buddy-buddy is not going as well as he’d planned. “But dude, you’re my best friend in the game and stuff. Ignore the fact that I have repeatedly not voted with you!” he might as well say. Sash does try to throw out Chase’s name as the guy most likely to get jury votes (funny!) and Fabio grins away.

Moments later, Fabio is seen running to Chase to tell him that Sash is trying to vote him out. Chase, who is becoming more and more frustrated that they won’t just hand him a check for a million dollars, says, “Hey, no fair! I was the only one who was supposed to be able to betray and lie to friends!” (Well, it sounds like that to us.)


Fabio almost doesn’t seem to care if he wins right now. He’s just waited 39 days to be in a position to watch these jerks suddenly have to twist in the wind. Fab has had zero power in the game until right now. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. After quizzing each person individually, he comes to realize Sash is the most disreputable player remaining. To his credit, Chase is at least honest that he, Sash and Holly were in a three-person alliance that did not include Fabio. Fabio also realizes that Holly is a big threat to receive jury votes, but he also feels as though she is the only person who has treated him well out of the remaining contestants. What we do know is that Sash should have swung to Dan and Fabio’s side at the most recent vote. He could have controlled his own fate rather than having it up for debate right now.

And now it’s time for the jury portion of the show, and we will break here. Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our finale recap. (“Go Fabio!” says Kim. “This winner of Survivor will be the worst ever!” says David.

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