Survivor: Nicaragua Finale Recap - Part 1

What about me?

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 20, 2010

Bitch stole my shoes.

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Sash, someone whose strategy is to tell people what they want to hear, tells Fabio what he wants to hear. He claims that his dream final is Chase, Fabio and Sash. If Chase were there, he would agree, take them on a celebratory reward challenge meal, and then take Jane instead even though she’s no longer there and also hates him.

Chase is also shown strategizing. You can tell because there is smoke coming out of his ears. Sometimes the easiest jokes are the most accurate.

Probst sighting! We’re right into the first Immunity Challenge, which tests the contestants’ knowledge of Survivor. They have to go to three stations, each of which has a question about the country. They choose the right answer, and then pull puzzle pieces from the post with that answer. If they get it wrong, they have to run back and guess agaim. Once they have all their pieces, they can solve the puzzle.

Holly, Chase, Sash and Fabio are neck and neck after the first question, until Fabio gets a question wrong and gets behind. Dan, of course, is nowhere to be seen. Holly, Chase and Sash are all working on their puzzles, and Fabio eventually gets all his pieces and is back to the assembly station. Despite the fact that he’s way behind, Fabio is clearly a much better puzzle solver than any of the other three, and he is soon right there with them. Chase is confused as to why he can’t solve his, but what he doesn’t realize is that he dropped a piece on the ground while running back and forth. Fabio has a huge come from behind victory to secure immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four.


This is a huge win for Fabio, and it’s either equally huge for Dan, depending whether they can talk Sash and/or Chase into flipping their loyalty and voting for Holly.

Regardless, we know that it’s now time to play It’s Anyone But Dan. At long last, his magical ability to avoid being voted off the island may have evaporated.

There is a LOT of talk back at camp. Fabio tries to convince Chase that Holly is a big threat – bigger than Dan. Chase says in a confessional that he knows Holly is the bigger threat, but he’s been so close to her that he just can’t flip. That’s right, folks. He totally realizes he can’t beat her for a million bucks, but wants to keep her around anyway. It’s probably too late to show Chase video of Tina Wesson from Season 2, but we presume that if Colby Donaldson isn’t too busy to be watching TV, he’s probably screaming at the screen right now (he’s probably too busy, though, what with his awesome History Channel show and stuff).

So, Fabio then goes and makes his to Sash. Again, the Holly Is A Bigger Threat argument seems to make sense to Sash, but we’re somehow dbious that he’s going to follow through by doing the smart thing.

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