Survivor: Nicaragua Finale Recap - Part 1

What about me?

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 20, 2010

Bitch stole my shoes.

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And in fact, at the time when it makes the least possible sense, Dan is voted out. Sash and Fabio are fighting against a two-person alliance of Holly and Chase, and seem to have no concept that it’s a very uphill battle.

What does Dan say about his elimination? Well…

“I switched my vote tonight to Chase to tell him how much I dislike the guy. I want nothing to do with you. Holly, you’re a crook. You stole my shoes. They oughta cut your damn hands off. Sash, you’re just like a whiny little girl and you’re a liar. I wish them the worst and I can’t wait to cast my vote.”


Back at camp, there’s some pretense at strategy as Chase and Holly reassure each other that their three person alliance that is actually the two of them plus Sash does not include Sash.


Yadda yadda yadda, it’s time for the Survivors to honor their fallen comrades. Fast forward to…

Probst sighting! The final Immunity Challenge pits the contestants against each other in a battle of wills. They must balance a sword in one hand, and with their other hand they will grab various sized coins and stack them on the sword’s handle. As the stack of coins gets higher, it gets harder to maintain balance, of course. The last person with all their coins standing is the winner and gets a guaranteed spot in the final.

This challenge is really a lot like a WWE Wrestling match. We have the hero (Fabio) and the bunch of villains (Holly, Chase and Sash). There’s no chance for the hero to win. Surely the heels will have some trick up their sleeve, or maybe Marty will run in from offstage to knock Fabio over the head with a chair. Holly is out first, followed by Chase. That leaves us at Sash versus Fabio, and both of their stacks are a bit wobbly. When Jeff has them add a large coin, Fab’s stack gets super twitchy, but he holds on. They add another coin, and Fabio’s hand is shaking, but he puts it in just the right spot. Sash is also edgy and his hand is unsteady as he adds his coin, knocking a portion of his stack down. Good conquers evil and thank goodness we have a chance for a nice, funny person to win tonight rather than the other three. Truly this is a best-case scenario.

And now, Sash, Chase and Holly are also forced to eat one of their own. Is the two-person alliance of Holly and Chase strong? Will Chase waffle (as he has so many times) and vote out a mommy figure? Who will Fabio choose as his evictee?

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