Survivor: Nicaragua

You Started, You're Finishing

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2010


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Forget for a minute the three people sitting on the jury who would give anything to get back in the game. What about the thousands (of which I'm one, by the way) who would give anything for just the opportunity to play this game? I've been saying for years that I thought I could play this game and win it. Even if I'm seriously overestimating myself, the one thing I know for sure is that I sure as hell would never entertain the thought of quitting! There are a lot of things I don't like to see players do in this game, but quitting is the number one worst thing anyone can do. We've had six quitters in the history of this game and that's six too many. And to think these two losers got to keep playing while Jimmy Johnson was sent home. The two wastes of my television airtime got to keep playing while Marty and Brenda got sent off to the Jury.

Some of you may think that maybe I'm a little too upset about this. And maybe you're right. But what I know is this: I've watched every episode of every season of this show and I've recapped some eight to ten seasons of it. I've put a lot of time and work into this show. That's because I love the concept of the show. It's the 1 reality show that I still watch. And to watch people who've never seen the show before (if I've read correctly, Purple Quitter has never seen an episode) treat it like shit, after everything I've personally put into it...well that pisses me off. A Lot. And to see them get to continue wasting my airspace makes me want to puke.


That all being said, let's discuss the ramifications of these decisions for a minute. Suddenly, the man without an alliance (Sash) finds himself as the swing vote between two three-person alliances. Jane, Holly and Chase and Dan, Benry and Fabio. Everyone else will go on as planned, but Sash becomes a HUGE part of this game now, with the power to end an alliance and oh by the way, an immunity idol. What impact will Chase's new-found idol have on the game? So far, no one else knows he has it. Even if Sash sides with the other alliance, Chase has the power to thwart that attempt and take control of the game anyway. Hell, even the previews don't seem to know what's happening. In our ten second promo I heard four different names of people who are definitely "going".

One thing's for sure, David and Kim picked THE PERFECT time to need me to fill in. Hopefully I haven't been too offensive and you're not missing them too much. If so, um, I hate to tell you that you're stuck with me for the next two episodes. David and Kim will be back for the season finale, so have no fear; you'll be back in their good hands soon. Until next week, take care.

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