Survivor: Nicaragua

You Started, You're Finishing

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2010


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Jeff makes one last offer to the winning team...if one of them wants to skip reward and stay behind, they will earn a new tarp for camp as well as enough rice to last the rest of the game. After looking back and forth at each other, Holly finally says that she'll skip reward. As she stands with the losing team looking at NaOnka, she is completely amazed that the quitter didn't take a hit for the team, considering she's getting ready to have all she can eat meals at Ponderosa. As Holly is telling Jeff that she has to take care of the tribe, Benry is telling NaOnka that she should be doing this.

Holly is bummed because she feels like she misjudged NaOnka. Really? This shocks you??? I mean, all she's done so far is steal someone's socks and then berate them for questioning her, knocked over a one-legged girl for having the audacity to be, ya know, one-legged, stolen the tribe's food and just been an all around bitch from day one. She's just a terrible person all the way to her core. She's been terrible this entire game and it's right in her character to let Holly take the hit for the team, while she goes and has a bunch of food right before she walks out of the game to get, that’s right, a bunch of food. It's a good damn thing that we have a commercial break here; I need a break to calm down.

Okay, I grabbed a new drink, some chips and I feel much better. We come back to the game joining the losing team (with Purple Kelly on it) as they return to camp from the challenge. Talk turns to how awesome Holly was for getting the tarp and rice. Fabio's loving life since he wasn't going on the reward anyway.


Holly takes Kelly to get wood and decides to hand out some free motherly advice. "You came here for one reason and the reason was to play Survivor. You need to suck it up and you need to play the game. If you quit, you'll always be remembered as the girl who quit Survivor: Nicaragua 21." Holly essentially tells her that they have more food and a new tarp and she shouldn't have any reason to want to leave. Kelly then has the line of the season, "I've been sucking it up for 28 days. I have nothing left to suck." Somewhere Little Chase is weeping.

Back to Holly for a second, though...she is REALLY turning it on. After last week's power play to dump the self-proclaimed King, now she's winning rewards, giving them up for the good of the tribe, talking people into staying. If she wins the million, we'll be able to look back to this episode as the exact moment she overtook Jane.

On to the people having their reward. Chase and Benry are pissed at NaOnka for not stepping out and helping the tribe. Naturally, NaOnka feels she was 100% justified in taking the reward. She worked real hard to win that reward and she'll be damned if integrity is going to keep her from it. Meanwhile, they feast on movie snacks and candy while watching their movie. NaOnka tells us how much energy she has now and that if she stays she could win a million dollars. Hmmm...could this be much ado about nothing and both of them are gonna stay? Kinda starting to sound that way.

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