Survivor: Nicaragua

You Started, You're Finishing

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2010


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Back at camp, Kelly is telling Holly how good of a move she made. She tells us that she doesn't think that the rice and tarp will be enough to keep her there. Honestly, Kelly has not made one decision on her own this entire game. I have no doubts in my mind that she will not start now. If NaOnka leaves, Kelly will leave. If NaOnka stays, I'll bet my salary that Kelly will manage to find something else to suck.

Jeff jumps right into it and recaps the events that led to the special Tribal. As he says it, the three jury members' jaws drop to the floor. Jeff asks Holly about wanting to quit. For the umpteenth time, she tells us about how Jimmy Johnson kept her in the game. She reiterates how ridiculous it is to leave the game after 28 days. He talks to NaOnka about quitting. She says that her joints hurt in the rain and that the weather has been so bad and cold and she's just had enough. She then mentions something about being the only African-American left, despite the fact that Sash is still there. Oh yeah, and she's a strong black woman. Not sure that has anything to do with anything, but she felt it important to point out her strength as she is making one of the weakest plays in the history of the game.

On to Kelly. She says the storm that day was just too much. She feels like her body is breaking down. Jeff asks Benry what he thinks. He's frustrated listening to them whine. Fabio says he thinks it's all about willpower and that they obviously don't have it. Jeff then asks NaOnka about the reward. She goes on about how great of a time she had. He then asks her if she realistically thinks she could win the game. She says definitely. This brings us to the Probst line of the episode, "This is amazing. Please go on. Regale me with a story, woman." She talks about being strong and having drive and basically everything that she's NOT showing right now.


Jeff asks about the reward and the movie and watching Benry try to find a way around saying the movie sucked is quite comical. Next up is the topic of giving up the reward for a tarp and food. He hits NaOnka on not stepping down and she simply says "I didn't want to." I mean WHAT. A. BITCH! I think I'm done talking about her now and I certainly will not type her name again. So here we are, "The Decision." He starts with her and she quits. Next up is Kelly. She, too, quits. The jury is thoroughly pissed. Marty literally looks like he could run over there and kill someone. Alina starts to tear up and Brenda seems to still be pondering how these pieces of Samsonite stayed in the game over her.

The next order of business is what to do with their torches. So Jeff asks Quitting Bitch what she thinks. She says they should be "smuffed". Purple Quitter also thinks they should be snuffed. The torches will be kept at Tribal as a reminder to them every time they come back on the jury of the decision they made. Hold the phone...they get to come back on the jury?!?!?!? What the hell kind of decision is that? First off, they don't get their torches snuffed! They quit. Probst should have taken both torches, broken them over his knees and thrown them in the fire. You want to quit? Then it's like you were never here. You DON'T get to go live it up at Ponderosa. You DON'T get to do all the interviews and press tomorrow morning. You DON'T get to come to the reunion. And you sure as hell DON'T get to be part of the Jury, for crying out loud! What kind of idiocy is this? In a couple weeks, three people will be asking for a jury to award them a million dollars and two Quitters will get to help make that decision. There is not one thing even remotely close to right with any of this.

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