Survivor: Nicaragua

You Started, You're Finishing

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2010


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I'm not even through the opening "Jeff tells us what's been going on" segment and already the theme of the night seems to be "quitting." Oh, joy. Nothing makes me happier that when people quit Survivor. Mainly because those losers took up a spot that I could have had...and I can guarantee you I would never quit. As Jeff goes on, he seems to target NaOnka and Kelly. And I know it's the little recappy thing, but watching Brenda go down in flames again was very sweet.

Back at camp after tribal, we're reminded that while we can see the castaways with the night vision cameras, they are in the pitch dark. Kelly tells us that she's completely messed up now that Brenda is gone. The fact that no one even told her what was going on seems to let her know that she's at the bottom of the totem pole no matter which alliance she joins.

NaOnka has a confessional where she insults someone. I'm not even sure who anymore. Chase and Holly are discussing their core alliance of them and Jane and NaOnka. Chase tells Holly they need to target Sash to get rid of him and the idol. And with that, roll the credits.

When we come back, the heavens have opened up. The pond is gone and has been replaced by a river roaring out to sea. As the storm pounds the players (ya know, since they only have half a tarp), NaOnka and Kelly tell us how they feel like they can't take this weather and the conditions anymore. Fabio tells us that it really is mind over matter and you just have to make up your mind that you can handle it.

Once the rain stops, Benry and Fabio take a walk and discuss how much they'd love it if NaOnka and Kelly decided to step out of the game. It gets them closer to a million dollars. We join Chase and NaOnka discussing whether or not she wants to quit. And in a move that pretty much seals the deal for me, NaOnka hands over her immunity idol to Chase. The way she's played this game, there's not a chance in hell that she would give up this idol unless she had mentally checked out.


Jane and Holly start talking about their plans if both players quit. They say that Chase and Sash will make them a solid four that they can ride all the way to the end. Sash agrees to this and then tells us that he does not trust Jane, Holly and Chase. He has all his trust with NaOnka and Kelly, so he realizes that if they both leave, he'll be totally screwed.

We come back from break to a Probst sighting! They are lined up for a reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams and tethered together. They will each have an eight foot stuffed dummy, nicknamed "Gulliver". Seriously? Are we really sticking product placement into the reward challenge? We are? Well, I ain't playing ball. The challenge is to untie the dummy and then carry it through an obstacle course. First team through gets to go to the Survivor Cinema to see a movie that shall remain nameless. They will also have all kinds of movie snacks (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and tons of candy.) Worth playing for? I thought so.

They divide the teams up and Jane, Fabio, Sash and Kelly are one team. Holly, NaOnka, Chase and Benry are the other team. Dan was not selected, so he gets to back a team. If that team wins, he gets to go on the reward. This is really an interesting and competitive challenge. I could just do without the horrible product placement. As it goes, both teams are neck and neck throughout the challenge. As they get to the end, the Fabio team slows down a little, which is just enough to let the Holly/NaOnka group pass them up and win the challenge.

After the challenge, as Jeff is describing what the winning team will get and how that's going to work, NaOnka raises her hand and says that she has given 110% to this game and that she gave everything she had into this last challenge. She tells Jeff that this will be her last day. Jeff confirms that she's quitting and then asks if anyone else wants to quit. At this time, Kelly speaks up and says that she's quitting too and that this is her last day. She can't live on a couple spoonfuls of rice. She's physically and mentally exhausted. Kelly explains herself and ends with "I'm good." Jeff's reply, "Well, I'm not good." He gives them the afternoon to decide if that's what they really want. He's calling a Tribal and if they still want to quit at that point, they can.

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