Survivor Recap

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 27, 2010

It's his (almost) naked mugshot.

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Previously on Survivor, Wendy started talking at Tribal Council and then never shut up. The editing makes it look like Holly betrayed her, but we’re pretty sure Wendy’s oft-mentioned husband would have voted her out if he were part of the group. Generally speaking, the first person voted off the show is only memorable if they are named Dolly the Sheep Farmer, but this time, a goat farmer made herself stand out by being possibly the most annoying Survivor in history.

Also, Jimmy Johnson was there.

Over at the Espada (old people tribe), we’re realizing that Survivor has packed this group full of Type-A personalities. You’ve got Jimmy Johnson (of course), but the rest of the group includes Marty (a tech executive, formerly of Yahoo!), Jimmy T. (a rowing champion), Dan (a real estate magnate), Jill (an ER doctor), Holly (a swim coach) and Tyrone (a fire captain and triathlon “hobbyist”). At this stage of the game, someone is usually picked to lead, but no one really wants to emerge in that position. This time around, there are more chefs than servers, and you can see this when it rankles Jimmy T. as Jimmy Johnson takes control. Thing is, there’s no one who’s a more proven leader than Jimmy Johnson – perhaps other than Colin Powell.

On the other hand, Marty decides that he’ll sit back and let Jimmy Johnson take charge, because it puts the former football coach at the forefront of people’s minds as the culprit if things go badly.


Over at La Flor, Sash is talking with NaOnka and he’s telling her that he wants to create a “minority majority.” He states that he is “half black” and wants to form an alliance with NaOnka and Brenda, “the Asian sensation.” For her part, NaOnka just seems to be pissed that no guys are paying attention to her except for Sash. Also, she doesn’t like that girl with no leg. What if it falls off and stuff? There have been two episodes, and she’s brought this up twice…that we’ve seen.

We learn something about Espada’s Holly in the next segment. She’s not a fan of escargot. In fact, what happens over the next several minutes makes us reconsider Wendy being the craziest person in their two-person alliance. Based on the limited information we have, she watches Jill eat some snails and somehow determines during this time that they are inedible. Obviously, a swim coach would know better than a medical doctor what is good to eat and what is not. When Jill offers Holly some snails, the swim coach loses her mind, takes the pot and walks away to dump it, leaving her tribemates dumbfounded. We mean this literally. Jimmy T. yells after her, “Are you losing it? Are you having a meltdown?” No; in fact, it’s only just begun.

The snail incident is revealed to the rest of the Espada tribe, who bemoan the loss of the protein after agreeing that they’re healthy. The last person to chime in about her odd behavior is Dan, who has been quiet and innocuous thus far. Holly overhears him, however, and he becomes her current object of her obsession…though we’re guessing not the first this week.

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