Survivor Recap

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 27, 2010

It's his (almost) naked mugshot.

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Right on cue, Fabio (aka Jud) sticks his face in the fire. Just think about that for a moment. Have you ever seen your pet – say a cat or a dog – stick its face in a fire? (If you have, we’re sorry for your loss.) We predict that Fabio’s method of elimination from the show will very to Mike Skupin from Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Over at Espada, Holly talks to Jimmy Johnson about her personal conduct and how it might affect her in the future. At this point, we remember that there was a time when Jimmy Johnson had to coach Michael Irvin. Basically, what he says to her boils down to “Holly, I was going to use you as a weak member of my alliance, but I’ve met you now so I’m reconsidering. I once had a player busted for cocaine possession at his 30th birthday party, but you’re still too crazy and boneheaded for me. In the meantime, I will be nice to you while I plot your elimination.”

We are 21 minutes in, and we’ve only just now had our first Probst sighting. We’ll only see one challenge (Immunity and Reward are rolled together) this week thanks to all the crazy the editing crew has had to sift through.

The challenge has the teams crawling through a pile of mud to some straw, where they will have to dig to find four balls. Once they have all four balls, a relay team of tribe members will toss the ball across to each other until they get it in a goal basket. Probst asks the senior citizens if they will use their Medallion of Power, which will give them the opportunity to start with one of their four balls already in the basket, as well as allowing them to sit a theoretically weak player. Espada uses the Medallion, which seems like the right thing to do.


What’s great about this challenge is that it is in fact breaking from the typical ones the show has been doing lately. There is no puzzle at the end (yay!). The challenge itself begins surprisingly, as Jimmy Johnson gives Espada an early lead by besting Brenda straight up in their duel. Since the older tribe started with a one ball advantage, they’re left with only having to complete two legs, while the younger group has slightly more than three.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Kelly B., who NaOnka hates for only having one real leg, absolutely kills it in this challenge, pushing herself through the mud incredibly quickly and digging through the straw with ease. Meanwhile, NaOnka is the player who got to sit out for La Flor (Espada chose to sit Dan as their weak link).

Partially thanks to Kelly B.’s dominant run and an impressive effort from Alina, the younger tribe has their four balls first. They get a ball in their barrel before the folks from Espada get to the mat with their three balls. Even so, Benry has some trouble getting other balls in the goal, while Tyrone and Co. have one drop, but get all of their balls in their barrel with relative ease. With their one-ball advantage (that just sounds weird), they win the challenge, taking home Immunity and Reward. They are allowed to choose between taking a tarp or fishing gear, and they immediately go with the fishing gear (have we mentioned that Jimmy Johnson is a deep sea fisherman, too? Because he is).

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