Survivor Recap

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 27, 2010

It's his (almost) naked mugshot.

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What is her reaction? As promised in the previews, she fills Dan’s shoes with sand and throws them in the water. “The New York City boy, Danny, he doesn’t like sand on him. So, let’s just fill his shoes up, and then, put them somewhere…make sure they’re tied. Take them up here.”

No, we don’t know why it’s important that the sand-filled shoes be tied.

She then makes an even more ominous comment (hard to believe, hard to believe, we know). “I’m not going to sit back anymore and let them rub things in my face. I’ve been too nice up to this point, but the game has just begun.”

When we first researched Holly for this season, we prepared a ton of Sue Sylvester in Glee jokes. We don’t think she’s going to be around long enough for us to use many of them, though. This segment is as hard to watch as the Tribal Council episode last week. There’s a difference between a reality show freak out and legitimate creepiness.

Seriously, Espada tribe. You might want to sleep with one eye open.

It’s not long before Dan wonders where his $1600 shoes are. You don’t have to be Batman to figure out it was Holly, given the way she acts. Even so, she decides to go ahead and tell the group what she did. She puts her hands on Dan’s knees, leans in (stranger danger!) and makes her pronouncement. This all unfolds in just a matter of ten seconds.


“She stole my shoes. She stole my shoes! She stole ‘em! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and if she were a guy, I would have knocked her right out.” -- Dan

“It’s a good thing that the team knows that.” -- Jill

As for Tyrone, he reinforces our earlier assessment about sleeping with one eye open. “Holly keeps getting stranger and stranger, and every time she speaks it becomes more evident that she’s crazy. So I’m gonna keep one eye on her, and one eye on my shoes,” he says.

NaOnka is really going to have to work to keep up with this kind of crazy. If she’s going to keep up with Holly, she’s going to have to take Kelly B.’s prosthetic leg and beat her up with it.

Oh, hey. We’ve just switched to NaOnka. Let’s see what she does.

“Who move my sock? Who took it out of my shoe?” NaOnka asks. Oh our gosh! Holly has struck again! How did she get over to the La Flor island without anyone seeing her?

Of course, since NaOnka just sees some socks sitting there, she figures she can take them and wear them. Because they’re Fabio’s, this doesn’t sit well with him. He’s all, “Dude…not cool.” He tries to talk to her about it, but she pretty much yells at him until he shuts up.

“I don’t want people to think I’m, like, a B-I-T-C-H, but the boy is stupid.”

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