Survivor Recap

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 27, 2010

It's his (almost) naked mugshot.

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Holly is happy that they won, because she knows full well that she would voted out tonight if they hadn’t been. Jimmy Johnson says, “Everyone’s got their fingers crossed that she’ll get back on the page, but my past experience with individuals that have had setbacks like that [Michael Irvin], it’s easier to have the second setback [Michael Irvin, who has had many, many setbacks].” Don’t worry, Holly. If it keeps on going poorly, Jerry Jones will just have Jimmy Johnson fired and hire Barry Switzer to coach you.

Along with their fishing gear, the Espada tribe gets the clue for the hidden immunity idol, let’s just say that Jill figures out the clue a lot faster than, oh, say the ladies from La Flor last week. To their credit, all of the members of this group are pretty calm, and Jill eventually shares her info with Marty and Dan. The three of them start looking around, and after a few moments, she steps on the idol and she and Marty dig it up.

“The idol, Jill, we got it! I’ve got the idol, baby! I’ve got the first…we’ve got the first idol!” -- Marty

(Marty is one of those managers who takes credit for his employees’ work, isn’t he?)

Over at La Flor, the contestants are figuring out who needs to be voted out tonight. Kelly B. and Alina, think it needs to Brenda, because she’s prettier than they are and Chase likes her. Fabio thinks it should be NaOnka, because she stole his socks. Let’s cut to Shannon, and his wisdom about who should go.


“Chase is constantly going off to Brenda all the time. I mean, I don’t know if he’s getting blinded by a woman…”

He points out to Benry and Chase that if the girls to band together along with Sash (who he apparently also considers to be a girl), they’ll have, like, a chick majority and stuff. That can’t stand. Shannon thinks we should go back to the days when women couldn’t vote. Then, their opinion in Tribal Council wouldn’t matter. He so wishes he could live in the Victorian era.

NaOnka notices that Shannon is talking to all of the La Flor tribe members. Although she hates Fabio (because he’s upset that she stole his socks), she recognizes that Shannon is wheeling and dealing, and therefore a bigger threat. She sets out to make him a target. Little does she realize that Shannon is perfectly capable of doing that himself.

If you thought last week’s Tribal Council was a doozy, it’s a drop in the water compared to this week. A couple of days ago, Kelly B. was the clear target of the La Flor tribe, mainly because they see her as a huge threat for the million bucks if she can go a ways in the game due to her handicap. However, all she needed to do for this vote is keep her head down and let other people speak up and make themselves a target.

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