Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

May 25, 2010 going to leave a mark.

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Jason Lee: I think SATC 2 looks like a hit and will help the box office rebound from this weekend. The trailer and the commercials deliver EXACTLY what their target audience is looking for. And Skyy Vodka is signed up as a promotional partner, so there ya go. Hope theater staff around the country is ready to clean up batches of spilled martinis on their cineplex floors. I see this sequel matching the opening of the first.

As for Prince of Persia...I smell another Shrek / Robin Hood-like disappointment.

David Mumpower: I agree that Sex and the City 2 should be fine; I am quite a bit more concerned about Prince of Persia. Over the years, I’ve learned never to underestimate Jerry Bruckheimer, but even he is not above a Bad Company every now and again. Prince of Persia wants to be The Mummy so badly; if it doesn’t get there, Reagen is exactly right that a deluge of media stories about the disappointing summer season will rain down on us. We have been saying for a while now that this crop of summer titles looked lackluster. North American audiences seem to agree on all of the May releases that don’t have an Iron Man in the title. If sex and royalty cannot bring out the casual movie goers, we’re going to be spinning our wheels until Toy Story 3.


Oh, come on. You knew we were going to talk about it.

Kim Hollis: What did you think of the Lost finale?

Daron Aldridge: I will temper my thoughts as to avoid revealing anything. As someone, who has faithfully watched every episode of the series, I was very, very happy with the finale. I think it beautifully provided closure for the characters. This is exactly what the creators promised - unless the answers would somehow be revealed naturally through the characters then they wouldn't be addressed. The comments on various boards are predominatly negative but strangely (and ignorantly, I might add), many of those were from people who admitted to never watching the show before the finale or having given up on it after one or two seasons. Can you fairly judge a story if you've only read the first chapter and the last page? No. As an admittedly biased fan, I must say that I absolutely loved this series and think the finale was fitting. Bring on your hate.

Reagen Sulewski: As someone who had long ago given up on the idea that the show would be able to resolve its dozens of loose ends, I wasn't expecting much in the way of answers from the show. They literally just couldn't at this point. With the knots that the writers had tied themselves into, I do admire the finale for what they were able to achieve in at least creating an internally consistent resolution and how difficult that had to be, but the actual manner that they chose for it drives me batty in how arbitrary it makes everything else in the series. The number of eyerolls I had during the final half hour approached double digits. So it's half triumph, half catastrophe.

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