Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

May 25, 2010 going to leave a mark.

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Brett Beach: "Hi I'm Val Kilmer and I want to be your next governor of the fine state of New Mexico. I have played cinematic icons such as Iceman, Jim Morrison, Elvis, Batman, and um...Dieter Von Cunth." Yes, it's supposed to sound like that..." Speaking of which, it was nearly 15 years ago that Batman Forever opened to over $50 million. It's okay, Val, we'll always have Real Genius, and Willow, and Thunderheart.

David Mumpower: When the Super Bowl grades came in for the MacGruber Pepsi ad, I have to believe that everyone involved with the project knew the ship had sunk. Having said that, this is still only about a third of what I had expected the project to make on opening weekend. People keep mentioning the $10 million budget; what I noticed is that MacGruber was advertised an obscene amount over the past two weeks, which didn't make any sense to me since the spots weren't funny. I'm willing to believe this may be an entertaining film but I'm always worried when a 90 second clip doesn't make me laugh once. This was supposed to be the next Austin Powers rather than the next The Ladies Man.

Jim Van Nest: MacGruber was a painfully unfunny two minute sketch on SNL. Every time it came on was a reason to change the channel. Who could have possibly looked at several unfunny shorts and said, "Oh yeah...we gotta take this to theaters?" It's weekends like this that I have a little restored faith in humanity. Watching the public cut Shrek's business in half as payback for the horrible third film and then watching this tank this makes me feel like there really is hope for us after all.

Reagen Sulewski: I've got some string, a bottle of ammonia, a car battery and some lemon juice, and if I filmed that for 90 minutes and put it up on screen, it'd make more of a profit than MacGruber.

The truly amazing thing about this release is that even with that $10 million budget, it will probably still lose money. You seriously have to try hard to make a wide release film lose money with that kind of budget.


Jason Lee: The producers of Mel Brook's The Producers would have been thrilled to have made this movie.

Isn't it time for these ladies to get together and do a Golden Girls re-imagining?

Kim Hollis: With two out of the three major May releases disappointing - and MacGruber bombing - how important do you consider the performance of Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia to the overall well-being of the summer box office? Do you think another prolonged slump is possible?

Josh Spiegel: Though I'll be surprised if Sex and the City 2 doesn't hit big, I could easily see it being the biggest hit of the summer (along with Iron Man 2) until Toy Story 3 comes along. I can't imagine what the moviegoing public is interested in (and am frequently shocked at the answer), but there's not a whole lot of movies this summer that are must-see for me. What with ticket prices continuing to soar (I read this week that an adult ticket for a nighttime show of Shrek at some NYC theaters is 20 bucks), people may be asking themselves, "Do I need to see this, or can I wait for Netflix?" That said, as much as I'm sure I'd loathe it, Sex and the City 2 not doing well would be a big shock to me.

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