Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Anything Could Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 17, 2010

Remember when Russell told me I couldn't beat him? Wasn't that funny?

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JT gets up and figures he may as well start with...the letter. This leads to some very weird discussion about whose bed Evil Loser Russell will be sleeping in, his or JT's, and we just get uncomfortable. JT, it's never going to happen! For her part, Sandra points out that if she had known that JT was planning to give ELR the hidden Immunity Idol, she would have tossed it back JT's way and given him the straight story. Parvati tries to chime in and say, "Me too!" but everyone recognizes the score on this one. We think this point goes to Sandra, but there's a possibility it goes to Parvati.

Danielle, who is voting for Parvati, congratulates Parvati, the person Danielle is voting for. Well, she doesn't actually say this, but we know it's true. She also takes a few moments to tell Russell she hates him and thinks he is stupid. Russell assures her the feeling is mutual. This is exactly why neither one of them will win Survivor this season. The important thing is that she's voting for Parvati.

Reminder: Danielle is voting for Parvati.


Jerri starts with ELR, the person most likely to receive her vote. She asks him what happened to lead him to change from voting off Parvati to voting off her instead. He says that it's because if he'd been sitting beside her, she would win. Parvati and Sandra both raise their hands at this point to speak up. This actually happens. The women fight each other to get to tell the real story. Parvati tells Jerri that ELR decided to vote her out because he was certain he had her vote if he put Jerri on the jury. Jerri is nonplussed by this turn of events, and Evil Loser Russell doesn't help his cause any when he acknowledges them. Jerri then addresses Sandra and wonders why Sandra didn't have her back, but doesn't really give her a chance to talk.

We're braced for Candice to do some finger wagging. As the treacherous Hero, her elimination probably hurts as much as any of them, save for perhaps JT. She does not ask questions, although her comments indicate that Sandra is getting her vote. She offers a blistering assessment of ELR in how his lies go beyond the game and damn him as a person. (Candice, you can join Colby in the "Hey, I Got One Right Club".) She then tells Parvati that she was under Russell's thumb - the Tina Turner to his Ike. Candice hoped that Parvati would get out of the abusive relationship, but it never happened. Parvati smirks dismissively at this, but Candice says she just can't support that sort of alliance.

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