Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Anything Could Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 17, 2010

Remember when Russell told me I couldn't beat him? Wasn't that funny?

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The morning after the vote is historically boring filler. This episode, like the rest of the season, is full of surprises. The first one occurs when ELR tries to get Parvati to play the "It's Just You And I...Ha Ha Ha We're So Much Better Than Sandra" game. This doesn't work out very well for him since she likes Sandra better. She tells him that she would vote for Sandra. He is confused, because the game was supposed to work with him saying, "I would have voted for you, Parvati," while she says, "I would have voted for you, Russell." Parvati is not very good at this game. The game of Survivor, on the other hand, she's plenty good at.

Sandra has spent the body of the season waiting for the opportunity to eliminate Evil Loser Russell. Ever since Tyson blew it for everyone, she has personalized the game more than during her first victory at Pearl Islands. He's just that dislikable a human being. The game of Survivor is about to come full circle for him. While Russell is off doing man stuff that girls shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about. Sandra notices she left his hat behind. Remember at the start of Survivor Samoa last year when Russell decided to burn everyone's socks to prove what a bad guy he is? Sandra has a hat, an open flame and a bad attitude toward ELR. That's right. The hat goes up in smoke. A priceless moment occurs when he comes back and informs the others that he isn't going to leave until he finds his hat. We hope that maybe they'll point out it's in the fire in the possibility that he might jump in the flames himself, but they remain quiet, and he arrives at Tribal Council hatless.


The players make their opening statements, with Sandra correctly pointing out that she had no allies at the merge and that she also never won an Immunity Challenge. She had to work harder to Survive than the others in the primary Villains' alliance. ELR takes the odd tactic of ripping out the jury member's hearts and showing them to them, then throwing the hearts on the ground and kicking sand on them. Effectively, he rubs it in their faces that he eliminated them and because he's so much better than they are, they should vote for him. Honestly, we'd have given him a million dollars ourselves if he'd said, " me."

Finally, Parvati makes her case, and it's as strong as you might expect. Her argument is priceless, although probably alienating to Coach. She regurgitates his dragon metaphor, stating that instead of slaying the dragon (Russell), she made him her pet. Although the editing in this episode makes us believe Sandra will win, that little quote is so funny that it feels like a victory speech. Candice and Colby crack up, while ELR boggles. We honestly do not know why people think this guy is a savvy player. Parvati has him nailed to a T.

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