Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Anything Could Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 17, 2010

Remember when Russell told me I couldn't beat him? Wasn't that funny?

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Thus, it's time to play It's Anyone But Colby. He gives a valiant goodbye speech to his peers, and says he's done playing the game and accepts that he'll be voted out this evening. Then, we go to confessional, where he says that he's never given up on anything in his life...and pauses in silence for about 30 seconds, because it's clear that whatever he says next is tough for him. Choking up a bit, Colby says that he then made his final play...

...which was to approach ELR and make a case that if they vote out Sandra at Tribal Council, that he, Evil Loser Russell and Jerri have the best chance of beating Parvati for Immunity and thereby eliminating her next. It's actually a pretty solid argument, because ELR knows full well and good that he can't beat Parvati in the final. Obviously, Colby hates himself for doing it this way, but he also wants to win. Will his deal with the devil pay off?

And the answer is no. The reality is that it was important to the Villains that all the Heroes be eliminated before them. Everyone took the theme to heart. Colby is voted out, and there are no Heroes left standing.

"The challenges were something that I used to be good at. I guess I'm just an old, dusty veteran. My third time in, just not destined to win this game. --Colby


Now we come to the Fast Forward portion of the show, where the final remaining contestants take a little trip and honor the Survivors who have "fallen" before them. Ho-hum.

That just means we get to see Probst-y that much sooner for the final Immunity Challenge. During Tribal Council, Colby opened Parvati's eyes to the fact that her tribemates view her as the biggest threat to win the million dollars. She knows she must win. If she can pull it off, the chances are very, very good that she takes home another million bucks.

The final challenge is a maze that they must race through blindfolded to grab four necklaces before going to the final post, where Immunity lies. There are four contestants left...okay, three plus Sandra. And this one plays out exactly that way. ELR, Jerri and Parvati are all at the finish post blindly grabbing for the Immunity Necklace. Jerri has the best strategy as she follows a rope to get to the pole where the necklace hangs, but ELR has a slight lead when they get to the post and manages to just grab immunity from her hands. Parvati is also only inches away and in fact seems to try to steal the necklace as Evil Loser Russell tries to put it around his neck.

It's time to play It's Anyone But Parvati, right? We mean, anyone knows that if Parvati goes to the final, Parvati wins, right? Well, no, apparently. Evil Loser Russell approaches Sandra and tells her she has no chance of beating him. He also approaches Parvati and says she can't beat him either. He has apparently determined that if he puts Jerri on the jury, that will be a guaranteed vote for him. We're not sure where he thinks he's going to get any other votes, but hey. Russell Math is obviously different than David & Kim math. Alternately, Evil Loser Russell is letting "Little Russell" do the thinking for him, because Jerri is in fact sent to the jury. Our final three are Parvati, Sandra and Evil Loser Russell. This promises to be a stellar Tribal Council.

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