Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Anything Could Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 17, 2010

Remember when Russell told me I couldn't beat him? Wasn't that funny?

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Now, the jury has their opportunity to ask questions. Colby tells ELR that he is delusional with his evaluation that luck played no part in his making the final. Hey, Colby did something right this season. He then presses Parvati to explain what she did strategically to make it to the final vote while simultaneously acknowledging her exceptional performance in challenges. Parvati does exactly what we said she should in our most recent recap. She reminds the jury of the moment when she possessed two Immunity Idols while Amanda told her to protect herself. Rather than demonstrating self-preservation, her gambit was to protect Jerri and Sandra instead. This also reminds Jerri that she should be grateful enough to reward Parvati with a vote while also diminishing Sandra. Parvati is *very* good at the game of Survivor. Sandra is not addressed by Colby, meaning that she either has his vote or has no chance of getting it.

Coach's question is...nonexistent. He just wants to finger wag, on the off chance the players hadn't noticed his righteous indignation during his animated sequences as a member of the jury (not literally, Coach, so don't be thinking Pixar's gonna be calling soon on that How to Train Your Dragon Slayer pitch). Sandra is completely dismissed as a coattail rider, while Parvati is lauded for her strong challenge play. Coach states that "as a Christian man," he has come to the final Tribal Council with no preconceived notions regarding his vote. We're putting him down for Jerri. We figure one of the producers can scratch it out and write down one of the other names after the fact.


Amanda asks only one question. She queries Sandra on why her gameplay was better than that of her two competitors. Sandra is honest about the fact that she plotted and plotted against Russell but could never get rid of him. She even points out that she approached all of the Heroes at various points, trying to get them to eliminate him. This is a dangerous strategy. Sandra is acknowledging that she didn't outplay Russell to the point that she could get him voted out. It is smart, however, in that she's letting a number of people know that they could be sitting beside her if they'd only listened to her. Amanda was either setting Sandra up with a hanging curve ball to hit it out of the park or she was giving her enough rope to hang herself. David thinks she missed with her answer, while Kim believes this is the kind of brutal honesty we've come to expect from her and was enough to plant the seeds that ELR was a bad dude who they could have beaten if they'd played a better game themselves.

Courtney, who is voting for Sandra, congratulates Sandra, the person Courtney is voting for. She also mumbles something about Parvati being good, too. The important thing is that she's voting for Sandra. We also think they might be moving to Vermont together and buying a pair of poodles.

Reminder: Courtney is voting for Sandra.

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