Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 13, 2010

Rupert is just as surprised that he cut a deal with Russell as the rest of us.

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Previously on Survivor, Rupert and Colby were dead meat. There was absolutely no chance that both members of the failed Heroes tribe could survive a pair of elimination votes. The Villains would have to not only fall apart but also act against their best interests in eliminating former allies. And that is exactly what happened.

Candice fell victim to karma in one of the quickest reversals of fortune in the history of the game. One vote after making a move she felt positioned her better in the game, she was voted out, a special degree of punishment for her prior treachery. The worst part is that the move she made wasn't even logically justified, but that is water under the bridge now. With Candice gone, the Villains should have had their choice of Rupert or Colby eliminated during the second vote. Then, Evil Loser Russell reminded the world why he is known for Losing. He arbitrarily decided the time was right to betray Danielle (it wasn't) and that the primary Villains alliance would be fine without her (it won't).

Instead, Parvati and ELR have declared war upon one another with the primary beneficiary being the best remaining player in the game other than Parvati, Sandra. She gained a hidden immunity idol last week and seems to be respected by all of the other remaining players. With only half a dozen remaining contestants, anything can happen tonight, but we believe that the winner of this season will be a female with Sandra gaining a slight edge over Parvati due to the immunity idol and ELR's (further) descent into madness. Meanwhile, Rupert and Colby remain a part of these games, something that shocks the two of them as much as anyone.


As we return from Tribal Council and start the episode, Parvati is displaying some paranoia. Although her wording indicates that she's concerned about the breakup of the Villain alliance, her only true worry is that she's next in line. She does a quick head count among her remaining Villains to try to determine whether she has already lost, and is relieved when they tell her that their alliance stands. Note to Parvati: the way the just voted is a lot more telling than the words they just said to you. Parvati's gameplay is the worst we've seen from her so far this season (not a big compliant, since she's played masterfully). She's reacting to the circumstances from the prior vote rather than adapting to them. With Danielle gone, she needs to be figuring out which three people she can get to vote with her next time, and at this point, it should be apparent to her that Evil Loser Russell is too much of a loose cannon to rely upon from now on.

Treemail arrives in the form of sickening product placement. We won't name their brand, but we will root against their stock in the near future. (This is easy for Kim since they're in competition with Apple anyway.) The unnamed brand's cell phone includes video of loved ones of the various contestants. The family members on the island are Colby's brother, Parvati's dad, Sandra's uncle, Evil Loser Russell's poor wife, Jerri's sister and Rupert's wife. We're actually looking at this as a positive turn of events for ELR, because his wife didn't show up until after his Survivor Divorce from Parvati. This prevents him from being an island bigamist.

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