Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 13, 2010

Rupert is just as surprised that he cut a deal with Russell as the rest of us.

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The Reward Challenge is one of those where the loved ones join the contestants in a competition. In this case, Survivor players try to bail buckets of water ten feet in the air to their loved one, who attempts to catch as much of the water in their own bucket as possible. There are three humorous aspects to this competition. The first is when ELR's wife demonstrates exactly the sort of class and grace from someone we would expect to have married him. In addition to the contents of her bucket, she spits to increase her water total. She seems like the kind of girl who would try to be Miss Hooters, but she never makes it out of the competition because she keeps punching the judges.

Sandra's performance is so solid that her uncle keeps yelling at her to try, which means it's obvious he hasn't had a chance to watch her in challenges so far this season. Her strategy is not to win challenges. It's to not get voted out. But the true joy of the competition comes from Colby and his brother Reed. There are some families who are all about love and congeniality. Never is an unkind word spoken. The Donaldson family is not one of those. The theme for this section of tonight's episode is entitled: "REED!!!!!!!" Colby becomes completely unhinged, berating his brother for any spilt water whatsoever. He basically flew thousands of miles to be yelled at for ten minutes by his younger brother. After watching this video, we're pretty sure Reed is going to beg off having Thanksgiving dinner with his brother this year.

In the end, the competition comes down Evil Loser Russell and his wife, Melanie, versus Jerri and her younger sister, Jennifer. Melanie spits almost enough to tip the bucket, but Jennifer has an exemplary round to bring Jerri the victory. Jerri is allowed to pick a teammate to join her, and while it's clear that both Sandra and Russell want to go, she instead selects Parvati. She then asks permission to bring one other party along, and before Probst can even agree, she is already yelling Sandra's name. Needless to say, ELR does not handle this well, and whispers to his wife that Jerri has just made a huge mistake. He immediately starts to plot her demise with the former Heroes. At least he's consistent.


It's taken him 35 days to realize it, but ELR finally realizes that the female Villains have been stringing him along rather than vice-versa.

In fact, Evil Loser Russell goes so far as to shake hands with Rupert and Colby, stating that the three of them will go to the final three together. Rupert, who was above such behavior a couple of votes ago when he didn't have that option, has deluded himself into believing he'll be a bigger Hero if he takes the worst Villain with him to the final. Rupert, it's okay to say you just want to win. There's no such thing as Survivor Integrity Police, and if they do exist, just throw Russell in front of you and you'll be fine. Throughout all this, we're disappointed that Colby never yells, "REED!!!!!!"

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