Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 13, 2010

Rupert is just as surprised that he cut a deal with Russell as the rest of us.

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After watching Sandra's dismissal, Parvati begins to openly mock him about his boorish behavior. Speaking loudly enough for the entire tribe to hear her, she wonders when Boston Rob returned to the game. Oddly, Evil Loser Russell bristles at the prospect of being compared to someone who is his superior in every way, but our favorite moment occurs just seconds later. Bored with ELR after only one sentence, Sandra effectively dismisses him by moving on to discuss Survivor ethics with Rupert, who leaked the information to ELR that Sandra might be gunning for him. This effectively identifies to Evil Loser Russell that he is beneath Sandra's contempt.

Tribal Council is relatively dull. ELR again attempts to engage Sandra in debate. She states her case in laconic fashion. Parvati busts everyone up as she describes Sandra telling ELR that "she's against him." Russell's own tactics have turned against him in a big way. The Survivors go to vote, and Sandra's comments as she writes Rupert's name down are particularly amusing:

"I'll write your name again and if I'm up there in the final three, you'll *still* give me the million dollar vote."


After the vote is done, Probst tries to state that this is the last opportunity to use the hidden Immunity Idol. Sandra pops up and says, "I would hate to go home with the idol in my bra." Stating the obvious, Sandra has a strong Tribal Council. The members of the jury, particularly the women, are eating out of her hand, with Parvati not far behind. When Sandra produces the idol, everyone is stunned. ELR is certain that Parvati has pulled the wool over his eyes again, but she scoffs at him that she had no idea.

While Sandra is as popular as the Harlem Globetrotters due to her antics, Rupert and Colby's faces reflect their emotions about this turn of events. Colby smiles in relief when he sees that Rupert's is the first name revealed from any of the ballots. Rupert's reaction is one of utter defeat. He had allowed himself to hope that a 3-3 tie with Sandra was in the offing and that he could beat her to break the tie. Instead, her votes don't count, and he is eliminated in effectively unanimous fashion.

And then there was one. Colby is the last remaining Hero. Of course, given his lousy play this season, Parvati and Sandra each have a stronger claim to win. They are clearly the preemptive favorites heading into the final episode. Of course, there's also a chance that Jerri, ELR and Colby could band together, meaning that we could see a shocking winner this season. We don't think ELR can win a vote against anyone, and we feel the same way about Colby...but if the two of them face off against each other, its immovable object versus irresistible force.

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