Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

A Sinking Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 7, 2010


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Previously on Survivor, Candice lost her damn mind. Sandra had conspired with the Heroes to usurp Parvati as the power player in the game. All she needed to have happen was for the Heroes to remain loyal through that vote. Had they done so, the game would be completely up for grabs with only eight players remaining. Alas, Candice got cold feet after Evil Loser Russell made a very generous offer with her to guarantee her a spot in the final six. Obviously, Candice had to jump all over that. The best she could have guaranteed herself if she had remained with the Heroes after they attained numbers would have been...fifth. Yes, her decision was that dumb.

Let's backtrack for a moment just in case you think we're painting an unfair picture. There are currently five remaining Villains. They are Queen Parvati, "I can't believe he hasn't lost yet" Russell, Parvati's girl-slave Danielle, Jerri Manthey, and Sandra. The remaining Heroes are Rupert, Candice, and Colby plus Amanda, who was voted off last week. With Sandra voting as one of the Heroes, they could have ousted Parvati 5-4. There was absolutely no logical reason for Candice to flip on her former allies.

In fact, this was the most illogical of decisions based upon frustration. Candice had grown weary of following Amanda since they had done so poorly as allies. Right as she and Amanda were poised to have the tightest alliance with the strongest player in the ruling party, she decided this was the perfect opportunity to get back at Amanda. In a season of genuinely idiotic moments, this isn't the worst or even the second worst voting mistake. It is, however, the one that may prove to have the most direct determination over who wins, at least out of the votes after the merge. Tyson's nonsense combined with this makes us start to wonder if Parvati is in fact a witch who is mentally controlling opponents and forcing them to vote as she wishes. The choice is that inexplicable.


Candice's mistake left Sandra in an awkward position. She realized that if she stuck her neck out and voted against Parvati, the four-player alliance of Villains that doesn't include her would target her at the next vote. Sandra pressed Candice to make a decision and once Sandra recognized she didn't have the numbers, she was forced to fall back. The end result is that Amanda was voted off 6-3 with two of the votes against her coming from Sandra and Candice. Spelling it out, had they voted another way, that's a 5-4 loss for Parvati, who was not protected by an immunity idol that round, much to her chagrin.

Instead, ELR kept the idol and used it to save himself, because he once again tricked himself into believing that everyone would see him as the biggest threat and try to vote him off. One of these days, he's going to realize he was a much bigger threat in his own mind than he ever was to one of his competitors. What's important about this is that Parvati was clearly pissed off over this turn of events, berating him after the vote was announced. ELR doesn't take kindly to criticism and Parvati doesn't take kindly to stupid play from allies. This means that the Survivor Divorce we referenced last week is about to come to pass, probably tonight. The previews indicate that two players will be voted off tonight, and we will be surprised if both of them remain at the end of the tonight's show.

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