Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

A Sinking Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 7, 2010


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For all of our criticism of Jerri's play this season, she has demonstrated learning curve from prior outings. She clearly wants to win this time or at least make it to the final vote. When Danielle effectively states that the plan never really included Jerri, her voting decision becomes clear. With Danielle out of the picture, Jerri can slide into that spot. Danielle utters the one phrase that notifies her opponent that if the opportunity exists for Jerri to eliminate her from the playing field, Jerri has to do it.


The end result is that ELR gets what he wants, at least theoretically. He blows up the tight Danielle/Parvati alliance by orchestrating Danielle's elimination. We are of the opinion that he did this two votes too soon, as the continuing presence of Colby and Rupert matters a lot more than the Villains are acknowledging. As was the case with choosing Courtney over Sandra, Parvati and ELR have once again left the dangerous players alive while eliminating someone who wasn't a threat to win. The one thing we can take from tonight's events and say with certainty is that Parvati is no longer the power player in this game. With the idol in hand and no one unwilling to work with her remaining in the game, Sandra is well positioned to win for the second time.

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