Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

A Sinking Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 7, 2010


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Rupert does come up with a very good Plan B when he is unable to unearth the idol. He puts a rock in his pocket that makes it appear as if he has found the idol. Playing it cool, he casually walks by ELR and lets the man's crippling paranoia do all the heavy lifting here. ELR, self-determined expert of all things Hidden Immunity Idol-related, instantly picks up on the bulge in Rupert's pocket (no, not that one) and confidently states to the camera that Rupert has it. The hilarious part comes when ELR tells Sandra that Rupert has the idol. Intolerant of anything involving his personality, she brusquely states in a camera monologue: "Of course I know that's a lie because I have the freakin' immunity idol." So, that mystery is solved. We are left wondering what the clue she got in addition to the idol will do for her. The table has been set for Sandra to win this season.

Much debate is made over how to split the votes in order to assure the expected result of either Rupert or Colby going home tonight. Jerri asks for Candice to be added into the mix, an idea that gets some resistance, but not as much as the traitor would have hoped. The Tribal Council discussion centers upon the idol and not much else. Right before the vote is announced, Probst asks for the owner of the immunity idol to play it if so inclined. Everyone looks at Rupert who humorously plays this up by scratching his pants pocket before declining the invitation.


Surprisingly, we cut to a commercial break before the vote is revealed, making us wonder if a huge shock is about to unfold. Afterward, we are surprised but not hugely shocked to learn that Parvati and her minions throw Jerri and the remaining Heroes a bone by offing Candice instead by a vote of 5-3. This may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but it strikes us as another situation like with Sandra and Courtney. When you have the opportunity to eliminate a more threatening player, why would you choose a lesser one instead? Anyone and we mean ANYONE who drags Candice to the final vote will beat her, even Trolly. Plus, the continuing presence of a true Hero means that the jury still has a chance to give the million dollars to someone they like. In a season of epic mistakes, this isn't a big one a la what Candice did last week and certain not an epic one like J.T. made, but it's not a good play by any stretch of the imagination.

"Karma is a bitch sometimes." -- Candice, who is at least self-aware and able to laugh about what transpired.

Once they get back to camp, the Villains engage in a spirited discussion wherein ELR of all people appreciates that they made a mistake with their vote. He correctly evaluates the situation for once and also finally picks up on the fact that maybe just maybe he isn't running the show. Sure, it took him about 15 days after Boston Rob's elimination to realize how Parvati was pulling his strings, but we all knew he was slow. What's important about this conversation is that ELR shows all the tell-tale signs of becoming a human hand grenade with the pin removed. He's got the crazy eyes after a third straight Tribal Council that didn't go the way he expected at all. We suspect Parvati is about to regret the deal with the devil she made in order to get Boston Rob eliminated.

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