Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

A Sinking Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 7, 2010


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Night 30 at Yin Yang features a hilarious sound bite. Given that Candice just betrayed her tribe in order to advance deeper into the game, you would think that she would be treated with a lot of respect. Instead, the first words out of Jerri's mouth are that Candice is too much of a threat and must be eliminated. Given that the edit is clearly from a later period in the game, there exists the possibility that tonight's double vote will not be the slam dunk of Colby/Rupert that it appears to be on paper. Karma has struck back much faster than usual, we guess.

Stating the obvious, Rupert and Colby are irate with Candice. What words do they use to describe her? The laundry list includes "weak", "pathetic", "greedy", "manipulative", "self-centered" and "pitiful". Rupert goes so far as to say that after Colby and himself, there are no other Heroes. We are not expecting Candice to win their votes if it gets that far. We also are not expecting it to get that far. What Candice has done exemplifies the difference between making a good move and simply making a move. She did the latter and as such, she has become the least popular player remaining in the game who doesn't resemble a troll. And we're not 100% sure people like her better than Trolly the Idol Waster.

The big news prior to the first immunity challenge is that Rupert has had up to here (wherever that is) with ELR. Rupert goes so far to say that ELR is worse than Jonny Fairplay. He also makes the decision to attempt to show to the other Villains just how pathetic ELR is. FYI to Rupert: they have been dealing with him the entire month. You just stumbled upon him last week, right after your alliance gave him an immunity idol. They knew what a punk he was a while ago. You just signed your name on the card to his special Survivor gift.


The conversation goes about as well as you would imagine. Rupert busts ELR for swearing on his children that he would never betray J.T. ELR compares Rupert to the second coming of Christ, making us wonder just how far into dementia he has fallen. Being Parvati's bitch for that long has clearly taken its toll on his psyche. All that is resolved here is that everyone else is moderately entertained for a while. ELR does confide to the camera that Rupert is next out of the game, which means that he is safe for a while. ELR's recent track record of anticipating votes is about the same as JaMarcus Russell's track record as an Oakland Raiders quarterback.

Probst sighting!

The first immunity challenge this week once again favors women. Players stand on small blocks of wood while they are handcuffed to a chain attached to a giant bucket of colored water. We made the joke last time this challenge came up and it still applies. Parvati has a hugely unfair advantage here, because handcuffs, chains and wet t-shirts might as well be printed on her business cards.

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