Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 1, 2010

Rob during happier times (when he was dealing with more competent players).

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Previously on Survivor, we praised Evil Russell for his ability to make an innocuous-seeming comment significant enough to cause Tyson to change his vote in a perfectly planned strategy by Boston Rob and Sandra. Despite the fact that Rob had prepared for every contingency, Tyson still voted for the wrong person - and executed himself in the process. We were so impressed with the way things transpired that we dropped the "Loser" from Evil Russell's name. Those who have been reading this column for the last two seasons will know what a big deal that is.

Trouble is, we happened to read a few interviews with Tyson after the fact. In those interviews, Tyson was a little surprised to learn that Evil Russell had an impact on his vote at all, because frankly the comment shown on television was a throwaway one that he barely even remembered. Tyson says he made the decision all on his own, as basically he was thinking a couple of votes ahead and looking at the bigger picture. Instead, he should have been focusing on the now. It's not the first time that Survivor editors have been deceitful - Sugar was portrayed as a heroine despite the fact that everyone who has been on the two shows with her has said that she is annoying and a big crybaby - but their desperation to make the Boston Rob/Evil Loser Russell battle significant is pretty transparent at this point (notice that we're giving Russell his middle name back until he does something that actually proves us wrong. We're not talking about finding hidden immunity idols, either). We won't be fooled again, Probst and friends.

Almost as an afterthought in last week's show, James was also voted out as both the Heroes and Villains had to go to Tribal Council. Colby lives to fight another day. Will the Heroes regret this move? We already know that Colby is a tough competitor who can put together a great challenge run. Has he checked out of the game as much as his tribe believes? Let's find out.


As the episode begins, Boston Rob is in a foul mood. Everybody else in his alliance agrees that the most likely scenario is that Tyson voted incorrectly and caused the result that came up, but Rob realizes that he has to consider all possibilities. Someone in his group could have been treacherous and then managed to lie about it. Although he suspects that it was just one person's dumb mistake, Rob will still be paying close attention to his "allies," particularly Jerri and Coach.

The other side of the equation is Parvussell (and that other chick whose name we can't be bothered to remember. ELR's crush on Survivor's most notorious flirt had him fall on his sword for her, and they're celebrating like crazy. This annoys Rob and Co., as they're wondering why Evil Loser Russell and friends don't realize that three is still a lot less than five. As we learn, though, Parvussell sees the Villains alliances as 3-3-2: Boston Rob/Sandra/Courtney, ELR/Parvati/Danielle and Coach/Jerri, who theoretically are sitting in the "swing" position (kinky). To that end, the three of them decide to "court" Jerri and try to draw her to the Dark(er) side. Parvati promises Jerri that she'll take her to the final four, but the thing is, the two of them have been in conflict for pretty much their entire stay at camp. Jerri dislikes and distrusts Parvati (and is probably a little jealous of all the attention she gets).

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