Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 1, 2010

Rob during happier times (when he was dealing with more competent players).

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With that, it's time for Probst to return. Today's Immunity Challenge has the Survivors running over an obstacle course and climbing a rope to grab some puzzle pieces to assemble. The first team to complete the puzzle wins immunity. Although the Villains start out with about a quarter lap lead or a little more, when Courtney's second turn on the obstacle course comes, she appears to be exhausted. Candice catches up to her as they climb to retrieve their puzzle pieces, and when Courtney hesitates to jump down, she loses a significant amount of time. This allows Colby to close out the race portion of the challenge with ease, which means that the Heroes are first to start their puzzle. With JT and Amanda tasked with solving it, they don't have any trouble (for a nice change). It seems that our "too many chefs" theory posited previously was correct. Boston Rob and Sandra are left in their dust, and Rob looks a little ill.

What we speculated last week comes to fruition in the segment prior to the vote. Had Tyson written down his assigned name last week, Evil Loser Russell would have been gone last week and Parvati would have been gone tonight. Coach and Jerri would have stayed loyal to their initial alliance. Due to Tyson's incompetence, the split is 3-3, with the Coach/Jerri coupling (?) up for grabs as ELR surmised. Somehow, Jerri has talked herself into aligning with a woman she genuinely cannot stand in Parvati (and the feeling is mutual) as opposed to Rob, a guy she seems to like, but doesn't trust. This is one of the most fascinating aspects of Survivor as a social experiment. Ordinary people find themselves placed in these positions, then wind up making illogical short-term decisions without thinking through the long-term repercussions (this is the third straight episode where something like this has unfolded).


A Jerri/Parvati alliance isn't likely to last through appetizers at dinner, much less until a period long after the merge. We wouldn't be surprised if Parvati started calling Jerri "Amanda," because that's how replaceable she is by a soon-to-arrive member of the other tribe.

For his part, Coach continues to be in a terrible position. While we frequently state that we don't believe a word that Coach says, his loyalty to Rob seems sincere. There's a duality to Coach's personality where he respects people - those he considers warriors, dragon slayers and whatnot, but as we saw during his season, he also wants to be the cause of their elimination. In spite of this conflict, his respect for Rob appears to be so complete that he relishes the idea of them going to the final vote together. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, there is *something* going on with Coach and Jerri and there is reason to believe that they're a near-couple. He can't go against her even though she's gone to the crazy place - hey, we've all been there with a significant other.

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