Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 1, 2010

Rob during happier times (when he was dealing with more competent players).

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Coach seems focused upon eliminating Courtney, who *was* the reason they lost the Immunity Challenge. Evil Loser Russell, who never passes on the opportunity to belittle a woman, actually tells Rob that they need to vote off Courtney or Sandra. Even for him this is less tactful than normal, as the two women are sitting right beside him when he does it. The appropriate cliche to describe Sandra's stare is if looks could kill, Russell would look like he's starring in a Saw movie (note to Saw's producers: you need to make this happen). Despite the fact that ELR tosses out these two names, his true focus is on Rob, who he "flippantly" suggests and Jerri latches onto. Although the (correct) argument is made that their tribe is weaker without him, we've said since the first recap that anyone who lets Rob last too long deserves what they get.

Soon after this discussion, Rob chats with Jerri and he knows the score. He specifically tells her that she knows what the right thing to do is, while her body language plainly indicates to him that she is going to do exactly the opposite. There's not going to be a blind side if his name is revealed at Tribal Council. If this does happen - and the editing over the last three weeks, straight down to the episode title of "Knights of the Round Table" a couple of episodes ago indicates it will, Jerri will be putting her younger, prettier frenemy, Parvati, in complete control of the game.


At Tribal Council, Probst discusses the clear rift in the tribe. Evil Loser Russell disingenuously tries to act like he's a team player before flipping his position totally by acknowledging that yes, he is playing selfishly now that his name has been written down. (That was the motivation he needed to be a selfish player.) Rob initially miscalculates his position in the game by thinking logic has swayed Jerri and Coach to vote with him. Jerri then says that she is making a move that she hopes will be best for her long-term position in the game. At this point, Boston Rob knows he's a dead man. He looks over at Coach, who does everything but shout, "I'm not going to vote for you!" but then the vote reveals that Coach might as well have written down Rob's name. His vote for Courtney is the only one that doesn't go to either Rob or Russell. The annoying little troll man that Rob doesn't respect gets three votes, while Rob gets the other four.

If you're trying to understand Jerri's reasoning, she seems to believe that she is better served being in camp with someone she dislikes and who has no loyalty whatsoever to her as opposed to someone that she does like and who hasn't lied to her yet. We'll hold our tongues for now on how effective we expect this strategy to be. In the meantime, what's important is that the best player in the game has been eliminated, meaning the game has been opened up for everyone else, including the Heroes. Their primary task will be to keep Amanda loyal rather than instantly joining Parvati at the merge. It appears that Parvati is in control and can dictate the way that the game will move forward, and since she's won before, we know she can do this. The question we have is whether a merge happens immediately, and if so, whether JT and Sandra can combine forces long enough to eliminate the shaky new Villains' alliance. If they can't, there are going to be some genuinely dislikable people at the final vote.

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