Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 1, 2010

Rob during happier times (when he was dealing with more competent players).

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Meanwhile, Parvati very much likes being the young, pretty girl, with frequent comments about Jerri's age. She even notes during a camera confessional that she thinks Jerri wishes someone would be a hero for her, just like ELR was for Parvati at the last Tribal Council when he gave her the hidden immunity idol. Jerri seems to smell a rat. The dubious look on her face tells us that she doesn't think Parvati is sincere, and her instincts are absolutely correct. This doesn't necessarily mean that Parvussell is the wrong group to ally with, but it surely shouldn't be because she thinks anything they say is reliable or worthy of belief. After all, Rob is still the most dangerous person on Survivor, and Jerri damn well knows it and could easily decide that know is the time to make a bold strategic move.

Over at Heroes camp, the message is simple. Colby needs to step it up or he is almost surely the next person to be voted out.

Right on cue, here's a Probst sighting. Today's Reward Challenge will pit the teams against each other in a game of water polo with basketball nets. There is no complexity to the game, and in fact, the producers of the show have thrown the Heroes a bone by giving them a challenge with no puzzles and that requires primarily strength and athletic skill. Since we know that the only athletic person on the Villains is Boston Rob, you know exactly where this challenge is going. Colby leads the Heroes to a win, and they're given a lovely feast where they can replenish their energy and bond.


While dining, they're given a clue that indicates there is another hidden immunity idol. The Heroes agree that they will find the idol together, which could be important depending when the merge occurs.

The next segment features Jerri coming to the conclusion we thought she might. She feels Rob isn't trustworthy because of his play in previous seasons, so she approaches ELR to discuss a potential alliance. She tells ELR that she would be okay with going to the final three with him and Coach, and hopes that Coach will agree. Jerri waves Coach over, who has a sick look on his face as the three of them come to some sort of agreement that they will go to the final together. For ELR, his reasoning is that he doesn't believe he can beat Parvati in a vote. For Jerri, she feels that ELR is the play instead of someone like Rob, and for Coach, well, he's honor bound to hang tight with Jerri (some people call that pussy whipped).

After ELR leaves the area, Coach tells Jerri that he's hurt that she didn't approach him before making the agreement with ELR. He believes that Evil Loser Russell is spinning a line of bullshit (he is) and feels uncomfortable about getting in an alliance with someone who appears to be lacking in honor (he should be). Jerri reiterates that she feels that Boston Rob is a liar, but Coach reminds her that Rob has not lied to them yet. Again, we're actually totally with Jerri that Rob is a huge threat and that now is probably the time to consider making a move to take away the massive advantage he has in the game, but we also can't argue with Coach that ELR is the wrong guy with whom to cast your lot. Of course, Jerri points out in a confessional that Coach wants to be the good guy to everyone, but that just can't happen in the game of Survivor. At some point, you have to stab someone in the back. She's souring on him as an ally, and given his past gameplay, she has a point.

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