The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 17, 2010

He swore he could do morse code. Isn't that hilarious?

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"I think we're fighting the Germans, right?" – Michael and Louie brushing up on their history during a Detour even though they think it's WWII and not WWI.

Thanks to the first non-elimination leg, Team Big Brother lives to get lost another day. Would the producers dare put two non-eliminations back-to-back? Not bloody likely, so Jeff and Jordan had better hope they can make up ground despite their unavoidable Speed Bump.

The racers' pitstop in Hamburg, Germany only lasted about as long as a NASCAR pitstop as the teams hop on a charter bus to take them to an undisclosed location. It's not as if they are blindfolded and locked in a trunk, so anyone could reasonably figure out that they will be performing the next leg in France. Not only does the show mix it up with the roving rest period but the cameramen, who are clearly not well-versed in the art of Catholic confession, get the teams' take on how they will perform the next leg while sitting on a crowded bus. Jeff assures us that he and Jordan will not be in last place this time despite the Speed Bump but I can't tell if trying to convince us or himself.

Next we see Joe taking up two seats in the back of the bus because of his bum knee, courtesy of this season's hero – a Chilean llama. That llama from three legs ago must be the envy of his llama buddies who endured the "playing dress up" Detour. Confidently, Joe states that he's not going to let the injury hinder his performance and just imagine how awesome they would be if he wasn't hurt. This elicits groans of "Come on," from Louie and Michael, who recognize that Joe and Heidi need to be knocked off their confident pedestal.

From their unknown French departure site, the teams still leave in the order and time increments as they finished. That means that the Rhode Island detectives of questionable effectiveness Michael and Louie are the first to leave at 9:35 a.m. The teams have to drive to a bakery and buy a baguette for their clue. The cops spy a postal worker on the road and wisely ask for directions. As Michael points out, who knows the streets better than the postal worker? In all the seasons of watching this show, I believe this is the first time someone has tapped such a resource and I have to give credit to the guys. If I am ever fortunate enough to go on the Amazing Race myself, I will unashamedly use this technique.


Coach Steve and daughter Allie leave in the second spot 20 minutes later and coach pulls the lame dad trick of asking Allie if she knew what a baguette was, which she did. This makes him defend his question with a "I just wanted to make sure you knew." Steve is the stereotypical dad trying REALLY hard to be cool.

At 10:11, Joe and Heidi leave and she smiles and says that life is good because she is getting to see the beautiful French countryside. Cut to a shot of the road and horizon that is covered in fog with less than 100 feet of visibility. Nicely done, editors.

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