The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 17, 2010

He swore he could do morse code. Isn't that hilarious?

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With the first three teams already at the Detour, Jeff and Jordan finally leave the pitstop at 12:17. They have significant ground to make up but Jeff still thinks they are best. They must think they have time to burn as they use the French roundabouts to create their version of National Lampoon's European Vacation. "Look, kids, Big Ben."

As Louie hacks up a lung during the task from all the dirt from the explosions, Michael is giddy with excitement. They reach the halfway point and get their message as the next two start. Clumped together in fourth, fifth and sixth place, Dan and Jordan, Brandy and Carol and the cowboys arrive and make it six for six on the Under Fire challenge.

Michael and Louie get their message that "The war is over," and retain their first place standing as they follow their next directions to head south down the road to find the U-Turn teased earlier. The wrinkle is that this is a Blind U-Turn, so the team assigning the U-Turn doesn't have to own up to using it. Personally, I liked my guess last week that they would simply have to draw a team picture at random instead of choosing the U-Turn recipient.

Michael and Louie see this as the chance to fulfilling their promise earlier on the bus to prove that Joe's confidence is unfounded. So, they pick Joe and Heidi to go back to the Detour and finish the In the Trenches task before they can proceed. The "blind" aspect will be irrelevant since even the most simple of minds could discern that the cops did the deed. While these guys' detective skills were in question during the first three legs, this was a smart play by them and they acknowledge that they picked Joe and Heidi because they are good competition and The Amazing Race is about competition. It really irks me when people complain about teams using the U-Turn and call it deceitful. Simply, it is a part of the game, just like all the Roadblocks, Fast Forwards and Detours. If you don't like the rules, then don't play the game.


The clue tells them to march into town to a church for their next clue, so Michael and Louie do an about-face and head to God's house. Brent and Caite seem to have gained headway as they are now at the Detour and also choose mud over Morse code.

Jet and Cord lap both Carol and Brandy on the way to the task and catch up to the other brothers. The physical difficulty of the task becomes clear with all three of them starting the crawl and Steve and Allie and Joe and Heidi are still in the middle of it. Fortunately for the viewer but not for the married team, we will soon get to see how difficult the other option is. Either way this Detour looks brutal.

Jordan and Jeff master the French roadways and arrive at the bakery, which leads Jeff to repeatedly ask the baker for the clue and not just a loaf of bread. Jeff begins chowing down and finds the clue directing them to the battlefield.

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