The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 17, 2010

He swore he could do morse code. Isn't that hilarious?

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Upon finishing the Detour, Joe and Heidi get the bad news that for them the war is not over. Typically, the U-Turns prove to be only a hindrance but not a deal breaker for the affected team but with all the teams relatively tight, this might not have that typical result.

Michael and Louie get their final clue to change into 100-year cycling gear, including a ridiculous fake mustache (even more ridiculous than Louie's real ‘stache), and ride equally old bikes to the pitstop, just like the first racers in the Tour de France. Clearly, there isn't much that can happen to ruin them finishing first again.

Heidi and Joe quickly come up with a guess, which is wrong. They see the cowboys, the brothers and the lesbian couple all finish their Detour. Joe and Heidi prove that everyone made the right choice to avoid Morse code like the Kaiser.

As Jet and Cord are marching to the church past Dan and Jordan, I have to share a quote that speaks for itself and I am sure it was intended by Jordan will all the winking humor that was delivered. With a sly little smile befitting Jack McFarland, Jordan discusses his weapons of choice as, "I don't like guns; I like swords."

The teams start to roll into the pitstop: Steve and Allie as second once again, Jet and Cord move up a slot to third, Dan and Jordan as fourth, and Brandy and Carol as fifth.

Those paragons of clue misreading strike again as Brent and Caite head south down the road but don't actually go to the clue box with the U-Turn. This error or the never-ending Morse code task just may be the opening that Jeff and Jordan need to avoid elimination. Team Big Brother finds that their Speed Bump makes them reinforce a section of a trench wall with dozens of branches before proceeding to the Detour. The sight of Big Brother starting their Speed Bump only heightens the frustration of Joe and Heidi.

A stone-faced Phil greets Brent and Caite as the sixth team to arrive...however, they didn't get their clue at the U-Turn box so he can't check them in. The slow motion effect perfectly captures the wind being knocked out of them. If this is how Brent and Caite do "everything great," I would hate to see what they deem a bad performance. Alas, Phil still checks them in as number six.


Jeff and Jordan finish the Speed Bump and start Under Fire as Brent and Caite retrieve their missed clue. Thanks to editing and a last ditch guess by Joe and Heidi, we get the drama that both teams will be racing to the church and the pitstop. This would be the case except they are wrong again and Big Brother appears to have leapfrogged them. Jeff and Jordan see that the race gods looked favorably upon them when they arrive at the U-Turn box with Joe and Heidi's picture on it. As expected, Big Brother is team number seven...

...meaning that a well-played U-Turn by Michael and Louie on Joe and Heidi made the married couple drop from a comfortable third place to an unsavory last place and a trip home. I do give them credit for recognizing that the U-Turn was just part of the game and didn't turn into sore losers, who lament the game they were playing.

So, au revoir, bye and goodnight to Joe, his limp and his wife.

Next week, Team South Carolina has its own Civil War as Brent and Caite clash in a major way or at least that is what they are teasing us with. We shall see in just a few days.

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