Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 17, 2010

They voted her off first? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The one aspect of the Heroes camp that shines through in the premiere is that all of the players are wary of one another. JT and James, arguably the strongest physical players in the game, quickly warm to one another. This concerns Colby a great deal, who shares his concern with Candice, who is equally worried about JT and Amanda operating as allies. And Stephenie and Tom operating as allies. And Cirie and Amanda and... Well, you catch our drift. One of the novel aspects of these seasons featuring returning players is that they interact with one another outside the confines of the show's environment. As such, relationships have developed that pose a threat the instant they re-enter the confines of the game once more. If you are like Colby or Candice and have not developed such relationships with the players in your tribe, you are on the outside looking in from the moment the game begins, an unsettling proposition. On the other hand, this should countermand the prevailing thought that Colby wasn't much of a strategist as a Survivor player. That was never the case and while he did get tricked in the end, thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, his decision making in season two was otherwise sound.

As anticipated, Boston Rob is the only one willing to do anything around the camp. To wit, the loss at the reward challenge means that the Villains tribe does not have fire. Rob embarks upon an attempt to produce it on his own, which goes over about as well as New Coke. Randy, whom we were stating a moment ago qualifies for one of the hard workers in this tribe, asks him to blow the whole thing off. Everyone else looks on in horror and pity as Rob sneers at them in his mind. He remains tactful during his attempt, and he quickly produces fire. This makes Coach hotter than anything Jerri Manthey could ever do. Rob has just become the warrior of legend that the prophecies had foretold would come to Coach and aid him in his eternal battle with He Who Shall Not Yet Be Voted Out at Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Evil Loser Whatshisname looks on with unmistakable loathing and jealousy. A priceless moment.


Everything is not all ambrosia and unicorns at the Heroes camp. Rupert is unable to produce fire despite having the distinct advantage of flint. As Cirie looks on in not so quiet judgment, he goes through about half of the good spots on the flint before acknowledging his failure. Oddly, he blames his broken toe, which we have trouble following logically. At this point, Stephenie, JT and Colby relieve him of duty and while he walks around a bit, they almost immediately acquire the appropriate spark. Rupert worries about this placing him toward the bottom of the tribe, but the editing shows he has nothing to worry about. Others have been worried of Sugar's reputation for crying and leaning on the strong men of the tribe. When she attempts to cozy up to Colby, she meets only a slightly less harsh fate than Jerri Manthey had once upon a time. Suffice it to say that he isn't interested and that he finds Sugar very, very annoying. We begin to worry if Colby shares the same perspective of women as ELW.

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