Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 17, 2010

They voted her off first? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the captivating aspects of this season of Survivor should be tribe dynamics. Yes, that's always true to an extent, but the mechanics of this one are abnormal. One group of ten players is composed of some of the hardest workers in the history of the game. And Cirie. They take pride in all of their endeavors and will not sit idly by until all tasks are completed in order to have the best shelter and foot/water supplies. Except for Cirie. Their interactions as a group should theoretically present a paradisiacal living environment. In reality, it will not approach that in any way, shape or form. What should unfold is that over the course of the first few episodes, a few of the people who appeared Heroic at first blush slowly devolve into being Villainous in all but name. Cirie is the blueprint example of this as her placement on this tribe is questionable to start. Stephenie is another good choice for this role as well since she already behaved similarly during her second appearance.


The flip side of this scenario is on the other end of the island. Some of the bad guys will seem much less annoying when compared to someone like Russell, who really ought to be in jail right now. The tribe of Villains is comprised of some of the laziest, least motivated players in the history of the game. Over half of them were notorious for their sense of entitlement during their prior appearances. Their logic of letting fellow tribemates do all of the work in order to take advantage of them being exhausted during challenges worked quite well in some cases in the past.

The problem here is that Boston Rob can only do so much. The other nine will have to pitch in some, meaning that a person like Coach who may not have done much in his season is now the second hardest worker on his tribe. We will repeat that again to insure that you appreciate the significance of that statement. On the Villains tribe, Coach is probably the second hardest worker. The third hardest worker is who? Randy? Sandra? Their daily living situation could depreciate quickly and they're not inclined to play friendly with others to begin with. Imagine what they'll be like after a few rainy days without shelter or consistent meals. We've made the Lord of the Flies joke (too) many times in the past, but this may be the logical extreme of the scenario. We are not ruling out the possibility that Tyson attempts to backstab and eat one of his opponents. He probably shouldn't pick Courtney, though. There is absolutely no meat on those bones.

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