Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 17, 2010

They voted her off first? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The rogues gallery of Survivor villains immediately starts to feel each other out on strength/weakness as well as potential allies. The whole thing feels like a Justice League comic where the setting is Legion of Doom Headquarters. Evil Loser Russell immediately renews his prior failed strategy of trying to garner allegiances from female players, thereby exemplifying just how much of a thinker he is. "It didn't work last time and the players here are even better. What's Plan B? Oh, I have no Plan B." What a motard. We're not even going to call him by his name for a while. He has to earn that honor back through accomplishing -something- at some point on the show. If there are no hidden immunity idols this season, it will never happen.

The Heroes tribe starts with a competition among all of the players to out-work one another, right on queue. Spirits are high, plans are quickly put into motion, and the whole sequence of events plays out like a Disney animated movie. All that's missing is for doves to fly in and braid Sugar's hair. And if you believe in karma (or the meddling of the show's producers), the Heroes immediately receive the best of signs. A trio of chickens and a rooster show up on the outskirts of camp. Every time this scenario unfolds on the show, the would-be egg providers escape their captors and flee into the trees. Every time but this one. All four are ensnared in netting and become a protein source for the Heroes for the foreseeable future. It's like Survivor Thanksgiving. If this wasn't a fix, it was as if the Heroes received a blessing from the Survivor Gods.


Yeah, so, Coach and Jerri Manthey start flirting at Villains camp. How did this come to pass? Remember earlier when we mentioned that Jerri was still humiliated by Colby? And remember earlier when we said that Coach outplayed Colby in the first challenge. There you go. Hopefully, this will be the last we have to talk about this. At birth, that child will carry the mark of the beast.

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