Survivor: Samoa

Off With Their Heads

By Jim Van Nest

December 6, 2009

Everyone around me is a bunch of idiots.

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First up is Jaison. Jeff asks him about the immunity advantage and winning. He says he doesn't care how he got it, he's just glad he got it. He asks Dave whether or not the advantage helped Jaison win. He says that his hand slipped and that's all that matters. Next up is Shambo. He asks if it's easier or more difficult to get along with people. She says that today was very peaceful. Russell interrupts to say that it was totally strategic to which Shambo says "Wow." Jeff asks the question that everyone wants to hear the answer to. How in the hell can Shambo NOT KNOW that people were scrambling? She goes on about how her vote is to keep someone who doesn't warrant getting the million dollars away from it. He asks John if he deserves to be there. He says he doesn't think he's done anything to make her think anything else. Jeff asks Mick if there will be another blindside. Mick says he doesn't know how anyone could be surprised any more. Russell says he thinks the person going home WILL be surprised. Shambo thinks the person knows they're going home. Dave says that if everything goes as he expects it to go, he'll be shocked. John doesn't think the person will be shocked. Jaison keeps his immunity and it's time to vote.

We see Shambo vote for Dave thanking him for the chickens. John, clueless soul that he is, votes for Mick. Dave votes for John saying that it's just to get him closer to a million bucks. Does anyone want to play a hidden idol? Nope? Okay, let's red the votes.


First vote, Mick. Next vote Dave, next vote John. The rest of the votes all come up John. It's hard to say who's more shocked...John or Shambo. Russell's gonna have some serious damage control to do tomorrow if he wants to keep Shambo with him. The sad part is that he probably could have approached her right before Tribal, given her some lame "the rest of the group is going for John, we need to vote with them" excuse. She'd have been a little pissed, but she wouldn't have been left hanging on a limb by herself after the vote. Russell is playing a fantastic game, but a little mistake like this could come back to haunt him. And what of John? Do we have to start thinking of a new cliché? Cause John did a disservice to rocket scientists everywhere. Through this entire episode, he did not make one smart decision. If he had a choice to make, he made the wrong one. EVERY time.

Next time on Survivor: Mick is shown questioning Russell's motivations to Jaison and Natalie. He compares him to a snake that tells a kid he won't bite him and then after the snake bites him, the kid asks him why and he says, "Cause I'm a snake, that's what I do." So, it looks like Russell is on the chopping block again. All I can say about that is...I'm gonna really miss Mick. Thanks so much for hanging out with me this week. Next week, David and Kim will return with all the Anti-Russell bias you can imagine. Until next time, take care!

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