Survivor: Samoa

Off With Their Heads

By Jim Van Nest

December 6, 2009

Everyone around me is a bunch of idiots.

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We come back from break to join John on his search for the hidden immunity idol. The second clue is essentially, "Go to the wall and look in the hole in the base." Even with the incredibly detailed clue, John still takes a heckuva long time to even get to where the idol used to be. He does finally find the place and after a while, he feels pretty convinced that Russell has the idol.

What comes next can only be described as "Shambo goes completely batshit crazy." We join Shambo having a heart to heart with the chickens about how they're going to die and she'll see them in heaven. So, Russell and Mick do the deed and Shambo is SO broken up about it that she asks...nay, demands to cook them. Jaison suggests that they just skewer one of them...and Shambo refuses. She basically tells him that one thing she knows about is cooking and he should shut up. Dave, poor guy, walks up shortly after this exchange and has the misfortune to ask, "How's that chicken coming?" Shambo tells him it'll be about an hour and a half. He then makes the mistake of suggesting that the hard boil might not be the best way to cook it. What transpires is a classic exchange. So classic, in fact, that I have to type it all here.

Dave: "You boil a chicken for two hours, it's gonna be ruined."
Shambo: "You have no idea what the f* you're talking about right now and you gotta just respect that on SOME level."
Dave: "All right. Cool."


Shambo goes on a diatribe about how stupid he is to even think about questioning her cooking methods. And it becomes quite clear that Dave is the new Laura. As day fades into night, we see some sweet camera work that looks like something out of Saw VII - Shambo's Revenge. As we're seeing this, Shambo is telling us about how she has dreams and they actually come true. She's had about 30 of them. And what did her dreams tell her last night? Well, she dreamt that Dave was the person voted out. Naturally, Shambo wakes up with this in her mind and sets out to make that dream come true.

First up is Russell, and he's good to go with whatever she wants to do. As he laughs at her, he tells Natalie that Shambo votes with her emotions and that they ought to just run with it. Once they vote out Dave, they'll have the numbers and he can ride it to the top.

We come back from break to the Immunity Challenge. This week's challenge is the ole test of strength and will. Each person will hold a rope. At the end of these ropes are very heavy logs. The challenge is simple, hold onto the rope. Every three minutes, they will switch hands and move down a notch on the rope, until there are no longer any notches to move down. As the rope gets longer, the logs will get heavier. At this point, Jeff has Jaison read the "advantage" he'll have in this challenge. The parchment says that at any time during this challenge, Jaison can move his hand up two spots on the rope, giving him a huge advantage over everyone else as he'll be able to stay with the lighter weight for longer.

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