Survivor: Samoa

Off With Their Heads

By Jim Van Nest

December 6, 2009

Everyone around me is a bunch of idiots.

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Everybody takes their spots and grab hold with their right hand. Jeff mentions that the logs weigh as much as they do, so these are not light. As the group moves down to the fourth notch, Jaison uses his advantage to go back to the second notch. We get 21 minutes into the challenge and everyone but Jaison is on the second to last notch. This is where Shambo bows out. Next to go is Russell as he claims to have gotten a charlie horse in his forearm. Hmmm...seems a bit suspect to me. At the 24-minute mark, the group moves to the last notch and no longer has a knot to aid them in the challenge. Jaison, however, is still two notches up and will stay there. Monica, John and Brett drop out rather quickly. Next out is Mick leaving Jaison, Dave and surprisingly Natalie. After a few more seconds, Natalie loses her grip and bows out. After another minute or so, Dave gets shaky and finally loses his grip, giving Jaison immunity. He was really bummed about not getting any food at the have to wonder if it still bothers him right now. I'm betting, um, no. As we go to break, Shambo tells us how she is in a great position of power and how Foa Foa is basically doing whatever she wants. I'm telling you, the woman is completely delusional.

We return from break to play "It's Anyone But Dave." The bummer for Dave is that he doesn't even know he's playing. Mick confirms that Foa Foa is pretty much counting on Shambo's vote, so Dave is the target. Next we get to see John trying to cash in on Russell's promise to vote off a Foa Foa next. He throws Mick's name out there and John is quite happy, but ultimately, you know Russell's lying through his teeth. As the conversation progresses, John gets Russell to admit that he has the hidden idol. Russell tells us that the better move here would be to get rid of John. He made a mistake telling John about the idol and John's gonna have to go home for it.


A little while later, we join Russell talking to Dave. He tells Dave that Shambo wants him gone. He tells Dave he thinks the better move is to dump John. He asks Dave to talk to Monica about John. Dave agrees that after John flipping last time, he's probably pretty ripe to go. Content with Dave's reaction, Russell goes to Mick to see what he thinks about John. Mick is with him on this deal. Russell tells Mick about the deal with Dave and the two of them agree. Mick goes to Jaison and alerts him to the plan. Jaison tells Mick that this may create a 4-4 tie NEXT time, as Shambo will flip on them. Mick says that he thinks Russell could salvage it with Shambo, to which Jaison replies, "After leaving her out there hanging the same way Galu did? Exactly the same way?" He makes an outstanding point here. And we get to see nothing else, as it's time for the jury.

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