Survivor: Samoa

Tastes Like Chicken

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 14, 2009

Here they go voting off the pretty ones again.

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Previously on Survivor, Erik went nuts and thought he was the ruler of the plantation, with all of the Foa Foa contestants acting as his slaves. Thus, he went from Mr. Popularity to Tribe Pariah in about 12 minutes of edited footage. His was a flameout for the ages. Also, a female alliance may have been forged, Evil Loser Russell senselessly threw away his immunity idol, and Jaison and Mick earned a smug sense of satisfaction as they watched Erik take a stroll down loser lane.

How bothered are the members of Galu by their recent decision to eliminate Erik? Well, former trusted allies Dave and Brett are fantasizing about cookies. No, that's not a euphemism. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Erik, but they clearly won't be losing any sleep tonight over their vote. Even better, because there are 12 members of the jury this time, we get to see him glaring at Galu the rest of the way. If someone from Foa Foa wins, Erik might spontaneously combust.

Evil Loser Russell takes this opportunity to remind everyone that it's all about him. He is convinced that as the current primary target, his number of days on the island is limited, which makes us wonder if he realizes that he failed to receive a single vote at Tribal Council. As Natalie tells ELR that she'll pray for him (seems kind of silly to pray for someone who's in league with the devil), we note that Shambo is working around camp. While she gets things done, the other girls lie in bed and talk about how great everything is going. Laura and her friends are ready to take a victory lap. They believe that everything is going exactly as planned, and that Evil Loser Russell's playing of the hidden immunity idol at Tribal Council sets the board up perfectly for them to take him out at the next vote. It's pretty obvious that Laura and ELR are gunning for each other, and much will be determined by how immunity plays out.


Back from commercial break, Natalie sees a rat. You'd think that a delicate Southern belle such as her might run away, but she immediately sees it as something potentially tasty. The only question then becomes whether she should kill it with a rock or a stick. We scream at the little dude to run away, but he doesn't hear us through the television tubes. She kills the little dude with her stick and returns triumphantly to camp, where all of her cohorts are cheered. Jaison talks about how proud of her he is, and Brett gives Natalie a high five. So now she has proven that she's both a tough strategist and someone who has what it takes to survive out in the wild. If we didn't feel so badly for the rat, we'd be super impressed.

And with that little rodent tragedy out of the way, it's Probst time! Today's reward challenge divides the group into two teams of five. You might be thinking to yourself, "But wait, Kim and David! There are 11 people still in the game!" This is correct. Only ten people will get to play. Let's see how this all works out.

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