Survivor: Samoa

Tastes Like Chicken

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 14, 2009

Here they go voting off the pretty ones again.

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The first team is comprised of Jaison, Laura, Mick, Evil Loser Russell, and Brett. They'll be battling Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John, and Monica. If you've sussed out that the odd person out is Natalie, you're absolutely right. This is probably karmic retribution doled out by the rat gods.

Jeff informs Natalie that she has a choice to make. She will choose one of the two teams to support. If she selects the winning team, she earns the reward. Likewise, if she goes with the losing side, she goes back to camp emptyhanded with them. It really shouldn't be surprising at all that she chooses the team with her three Foa Foa compadres. It was pretty evident last week that she, Mick and Jaison are pretty tight and there's no reason to think she wouldn't throw her support to them...other than that whole issue where Foa Foa has a history of losing.

The challenge has three segments. The first one is a foot race where each group must relay race to retrieve four sets of poles with coconuts on them. This segment of the race is effectively a dead heat, though Shambo is slow enough that she brings her group's morale down slightly. Once both teams have obtained all of their poles, they must arrange them in such a way that the white coconuts on the poles spell out four numbers. When the number is obtained, they yell it out to a blindfolded teammate, who will unlock a box, finding those numbers by sense of touch. The non Foa Foa group finishes with the coconut arranging part first, which gives Monica a pretty solid head start on the other team. Thus, Foa Foa winds up on the losing side of things again (including Natalie).


The winners get to head to a natural rock slide (which is more like a water park than something that blocks the interstate) and then enjoy a picnic lunch. As for the losers, it's back to camp, where Evil Loser Russell is pretty certain that a new immunity idol will be hidden, and we're pretty sure he'll take the first opportunity available to find it.

When we visit the winners at their water slide adventure, they are enjoying some crystal clear water, some delicious chicken, and what Monica refers to as "ridonkulous" donuts. They also receive a clue that verifies what ELR was pondering. There is in fact a new immunity idol hidden back at camp. Since there are no Foa Foa members in this group (because Foa Foa is incapable of winning challenges), the five of them decide to share the information only with their other Galu tribe members (Brett and Laura). Also, for the first time ever, the talk turns to voting out Russell, as the remaining members of Galu are smart enough to figure out that he's a schemer. Shambo argues against it - because she likes Evil Loser Russell, for some reason - but the rest of the tribe knows they have the numbers that her opinion really doesn't matter. It's possible, though, that she might share the immunity idol information with ELR.

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