Survivor: Samoa

Tastes Like Chicken

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 14, 2009

Here they go voting off the pretty ones again.

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It gets worse, though. Even with Shambo and Mick being spotted a lead because Laura has trouble opening one of her bags, once she has her pieces, her focus is singular. She looks at her pieces and then quickly locates the spot where they belong. Basically, Laura is a machine at this game. She completes the challenge easily, while it appears that Mick had about two-thirds of his puzzle left to go and Shambo was still struggling to shove square pegs in round holes. Evil Loser Russell is discouraged, and says something to Shambo along the lines of, "Just look at the shape and match it up," but it's all for naught. ELR's need to make people feel bad when they lose has been his undoing. Where he had a shot at immunity (and could have saved his hidden idol for another day), he's now in a spot where he almost certainly has to use it - particularly as Laura thinks she can get Natalie and the other Foa Foa members to vote for ELR.

Sometimes the Survivor producers love their jobs, and this is one of them. Once Evil Loser Russell shares with the other Foa Foa members that he has the idol (hint: this makes them happy), we cut to a discussion between the decision makers at Galu. Monica has this nagging feeling that ELR has already found one hidden immunity idol without a clue, and thinks that history might repeat itself. Dave treats her the same way Evil Loser Russell treated Natalie when she saved the day last time around. He completely disregards her thinking process as overly paranoid, which leads John to argue Monica's point further. He and Laura agree that if they were in ELR's situation, they would spend a significant amount of free time trying to find the idol. Dave considers all of this to be pure panic, which the producers and viewers know is going to come back and bite him in the ass. In his defense, they are in a difficult position. There are 11 remaining players, four of whom are the tightly knit Foa Foa. If they split the vote, their choices are either five for ELR and two for someone else or four for ELR and three for someone else. They don't have the numbers to create a dual majority where someone from Foa Foa is eliminated either way. So although his arrogance is pretty funny, there's not much they can do. Of course, if they had Erik there... Oh, well. Best not to dwell on lost Dereks.


There's a moment of interest when Evil Loser Russell hears this same group tossing out names to vote, and he convinces himself that he heard them say Natalie would be the one to go tonight. He shares this information with Jaison, who tells ELR that he needs to be certain that his name will be the one written down so they can proceed with their plan. Since we know that Laura has an Evil Loser Russell vendetta, we're pretty confident that he is the target, and if the Foa Foa gang can stick together and vote for Kelly, they will have an effective 5-5 tie if you count Shambo as an honorary Foa Foa (though we think this remains dubious).

We've seen some people hyperbolically describing this Tribal Council as the best one ever, which is absurd, because not much happens before the vote. Monica smugly says that Foa Foa isn't trying hard enough, which demonstrates both short-term memory loss and a lack of anticipation of things to come. Other than that, the fireworks are saved for after the vote. Evil Loser Russell brazenly flaunts the presentation of his hidden immunity idol (we retract the middle name again temporarily), which jury member Erik thinks is the greatest thing in the world - a slightly different reaction than he had last week. When the votes are read, Galu has unanimously voted for Russell (yes, including Shambo). Meanwhile, the first vote that counts goes to the wonderfully coifed Kelly, one of our favorite contestants this year. Two votes later, she is having her torch extinguished, while Evil Russell has redeemed himself for last week's immunity idol misfire.

P.S. We have no idea what Shambo is doing. Nor are we certain she does.

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