Survivor: Samoa

Walking on Thin Ice

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 15, 2009

I don't think she likes sea slug guts.

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Over at Foa Foa, Shambo is looking for the hidden Immunity Idol, which sends Liz off on a rant. She's convinced that Evil Russell has the idol. When she confronts him, he tries the defensive angle at first. When that doesn't work, he goes uber-aggressive, which should be all the information Liz needs to tell her whether he has the idol. Evil Russell ends the segment by threatening her and telling her "she's walking on thin ice". If Liz is smart, she'll rally the troops.

We come back from commercial break and the members of Galu are absolutely miserable in a torrential downpour. That doesn't keep Dave fron wading over to the tree mail area to learn that they have an immunity challenge (Probsty!). This challenge has two members from each tribe holding a rope attached to a hanging basket. While they try to hold up their baskets, members of the opposing tribe toss coconuts in them to try to make them drop their load. Evil Russell and Liz hold up the baskets for Foa Foa, while Good Russell and Laura hold the baskets for Galu. Galu breaks out to a very early lead, as they connect on shot after shot, while it takes Foa Foa awhile to make even one. Evil Russell is knocked out first, which leaves Liz to pick up the slack. Naturally, it's not very long before she's overwhelmed as well. Foa Foa is headed back to Tribal Council again, and with the way Evil Russell has been manipulating this tribe, it's hard to see how Liz isn't the one headed home tonight.


But it's more or less impossible for Evil Russell to shuffle his chess pieces around because of the heavy rain. All of the tribe members are forced to huddle together, which means they're not able to jockey for position. Ashley says she's voting for Liz, Liz says she's voting for Ashley, and Dr. Mick says he's voting for Liz. Or Ashley. Or Natalie. Or someone with a vagina. Vaginas are evil Read your Bibles, people!

Tribal Council is...well, it's the dullest Tribal Council ever. We've parsed over everything they said there and none of it is noteworthy. Ashley says she trusts Russell, which makes us sad and leaves us very disappointed in her. Indeed, seven seconds later, she is voted out. Despite all of his bluster about Liz, it makes more sense for Evil Russell to have Ashley eliminated and everyone else agrees. That's one less set of boobs the fellas have to worry about. The big mystery on Survivor right now is whether there will be any members of Foa Foa left when we get to the merge.

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