Survivor: Samoa

Walking on Thin Ice

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 15, 2009

I don't think she likes sea slug guts.

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Next up is the battle of Good and Evil, as Good Russell takes on Evil Russell. Both their balls land on jellyfish, but Probst kindly adds a bit of milk to the mix. Good Russell inhales his drink, but Evil Russell comments on how disgusting it is. Once again, it looks like a Foa Foa tribe member might blow it, but Evil Russell comes through in the end, though I surmise it's because half of the drink got on his mustache.

Brett from Galu goes up against Dr. Mick from Foa Foa. Their delicious smoothie combo is giant clam and sea cucumber, which couldn't look more disgusting. It is a particularly foul, chunky shake. You can see little chunks. Both guys get the entire drink down, though, so we're all tied at three points apiece.

Liz and Monica's balls both land on sea urchin, so Probst scoops in the whole thing for them. He comments that it "looks like a chocolate shake", while I think it looks like sewer sludge. Monica has no trouble with hers, and chows down on the complimentary sea noodle that Probst included. Liz is fine as well. It's all tied up, 4-4. Could the final round be the deciding one?

Ashley next takes on Dave and their balls both land on sea slug guts, which Probst says "may be the worst thing out here". Flies are crawling all over them, and though they're colorful, they are slimy and foul. I am not kidding when I say that their drinks look like vomit in a glass. Dave cruelly makes barf noises while he drinks his, and other Galu members shout stuff at Ashley to psych her out. It works, too. She simply can't get the drink down. Dave wins the challenge for his group.


This means that Galu gets to have a wonderful seaside cookout, but they also are allowed to choose one member from their tribe to go hang out with Foa Foa as a spy. Good Russell, chief of the tribe, chooses Shambo. She gets pretty pissed, and rightfully so since she misses the reward (and contributed to winning it). She's already been sent to Foa Foa before, so it's sucky that she has to go back. Good Russell doesn't relent, which makes me question whether it's right to continue calling him the good one. Since we know that Galu generally dislikes Shambo, I suppose it makes sense that he'd send away the person who doesn't fit in.

Welcome back to the room, David! Gross smoothies are now past and forgotten. Back at Galu, we learn that Good Russell actually had his reasons for sending Shambo over to Foa Foa. What had seemed like a popularity contest is actually more like...a little bit of punishment. You see, Shambo lost a chicken last week, and Good Russell decided that sending her to spend time with Foa Foa would square her with the tribe. It's actually kind of reasonable.

Next, the Foa Foa gets in a fight over making a fire to cook their steaks. Good Russell starts making the fire, which makes hippy Dave mad. He's a little bit aggressive about the whole thing, but then sort of realizes that he looks kind of bad. When Good Russell asks him to step in and build the fire up, he declines and a very strange fight takes place, but it ends with Dave deciding that he'd be best served to go ahead and make the fire. He's convinced that because he's the only one who knows how to build a good fire, his value to the tribe is heightened. He's a squirrelly little dude, but he did just prove to be the only means of getting all that good food cooked.

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