Monday Morning Quarterback

By BOP Staff

May 18, 2009

It's Angels & Demons. Without the Angels.

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If you want a *good* angel/demon story, watch Supernatural.

Kim Hollis: Angels & Demons, a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, opened to $46.2 million domestically and has earned $152.3 million worldwide in three days. How should Sony feel about this result?

Josh Spiegel: Sony shouldn't feel too bad, but also not too great. On the one hand, this is a follow-up to a film that wasn't that well-received, the reviews weren't as bad as they were for Da Vinci Code, and $46 million isn't just a little bit of spare change. On the other hand, dropping so much from the first-weekend take of Da Vinci Code is nothing to brag about, and the domestic take for the film will probably be sharply lower than it was for its predecessor. Still, taking in over $150 million in one weekend throughout the world is pretty good. I'd say Sony should be mildly pleased, but not jumping over the moon.

Reagen Sulewski: They're lucky they get to proclaim themselves as having a number one movie. Obviously the thought was that people were going to be as fanatic about the rest of Dan Brown's work as they were about The Da Vinci Code. It's clear, though, that this was a one-film series, and this is just the echo of that. It definitely didn't help that the material was exposed as substandard by the transition to the screen.


Shane Jenkins: Ron Howard's Da Vinci Code adaptation is so legendarily awful, Sony should be thrilled that anyone showed up at all. Overseas revenue will save the project, and it should do nicely on DVD, where doubters are more apt to give it a shot.

Scott Lumley: I've actually seen it, and I had not read the book, so I went in without any preconceptions about what it should or should not be. It's an entertaining film, with a decent twist at the end that I honestly did not really see coming. Word-of-mouth on this should be decent, so I don't think it's going to drop right through the floor next weekend.

On the other hand, I don't think it's going to set the world on fire, either. The film is good, but it does seem to be lacking a spark that would make it great. On the other hand, that $150 million worldwide number is fairly impressive on its own. Not a lot of American films really do that kind of worldwide gross on opening weekend. I have to wonder if this might very well be the next *shudder* Mamma Mia!

Brandon Scott: Domestically, it's a slight disappointment versus expectations, sure, but that is a damn nice overall figure at $150 million+. If this does $500 million worldwide, how can anyone complain? I'm not quite sure it will scale those heights, but it ought to be in the ball park. I admittedly didnt have an interest in the film (never read either of the books) and didn't think too much of DVC so, from my standpoint, it's a little sad, only because Hanks is such a pleasant on screen presence. Its too bad that he's wasted two years doing this.

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