Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Guys Should Win in the End

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2008

Olympic champion. Whatevs.

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We join everyone else by the fire and Ken wants to know what happens if Bob doesn't give him the necklace. Matty says, "Then I'm going home." As this happens, Sugar comes back to the fire and lets Ken know that she thinks Bob will be handing over the necklace. She tells them she hates lying to Bob, but that he's planning on handing the necklace over at Tribal. We next see a hilarious exchange between Matty and Sugar where Matty says he thinks Bob is still with Ken and Crystal. As she rolls her eyes at him, she has the line of the show so far. "Let me do the thinking," she says. She tells him to just vote for Crystal. As they prepare for Tribal, Sugar wears her idol and feels pretty good that she isn't going home. She wonders if she should give the idol to Matty, but she fears for a blindside if she does. She just needs Matty to vote for Crystal and Bob to trust her and everything will work out fine.

As the jury comes in, we see Randy sporting a new mohawk. Very nice. First question is for Bob and is about winning challenges. He agrees that there's a huge target on his back. He asks Matty about watching Bob win at challenges. He says that he'd rather see Bob keep winning challenges than someone that's a "little less caliber." Next up is Susie. How hard was it to be away at Exile at this point? She says it's really hard, as she doesn't know what's going on at camp. Next up, Jeff asks Ken why he thinks Bob chose him to go on reward. Ken goes into the flop at the last Tribal and even brings up Bob's promise to hand over immunity. Jeff asks Bob if this is true and Bob admits that it is, but that the terms have changed a bit and that if he thinks Ken will go home tonight, he'll hand over the necklace. And he'll make that decision after he hears everything at Tribal.

Jeff asks Crystal if being chosen for the reward makes her feel any more comfortable. She says she thinks Bob chose her because she hadn't won a reward yet. Jeff asks Matty if he thinks that is true. He said he thinks that Bob knows that Ken and Crystal are the tightest alliance and have been running the game. Kenny brings up that he flipped on his alliance again. He may as well just drop on his knees and beg Bob to hand over the necklace. Good God, man, have a little bit of self-respect. Jeff mentions that tonight is the last chance to play a hidden immunity idol. Sugar points out her idol and Jeff says that as long as it's not a fake, it can be played. Next question is for Bob. Does he want to give up his necklace? Bob says that he does not think Ken is in danger tonight, so he will keep the necklace. And with that, it's time to vote.


The first vote we see is Crystal's vote for Matty saying that he wrote her name down once and this is payback. The next vote we see is Matty's vote for Crystal. He says that he's been waiting for this day for a long time and he's glad it finally arrived. We see Sugar's vote for Crystal saying that she doesn't know how to talk to people and wishing her luck with "that jury over there." I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff comes back and asks about playing the hidden immunity idol and Sugar says, "Matty, take this cursed thing away." So Matty plays the idol and Jeff acknowledges that this is indeed the hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Matty will not count. First vote, Matty. Second vote Matty. And here they come. Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal. And the 13th person voted out of Survivor: Gabon is Crystal. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! How about that "Karma's a bitch" thing now, Crystal??? This is easily one of my top five Tribal Council moments ever. The game has shifted once again and has shifted in the favor of the people I want to see make it to the end. I was on the verge of losing faith in this show and who'd a thunk that Sugar would be the one to give me my faith back? And while we're talking about Sugar, while I appreciate what Bob has done in challenges, anyone but Sugar winning this game will be a letdown. She has played easily the best game from day one. She makes the moves when she needs to and has really controlled the game as much as anyone else. All the while, she has played the role of dumb blonde to perfection. Hopefully she'll have a few more tricks up her sleeve for Sunday and she can see this thing through.

Next time on Survivor: The final five will do the final stuff. There'll be some challenges; some Tribals, some arguments, some votes and then we'll get what should be the angriest final Tribal Council ever, which will lead us into the unveiling of the sole survivor of Survivor: Gabon. 'Til Sunday, take care.

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