Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Guys Should Win in the End

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2008

Olympic champion. Whatevs.

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Matty is the first one to head back with his first ball with Ken and Bob right behind. Matty is the first to sink the shot again with Ken and Bob right behind. The ladies are still struggling to sink their first shots. Matty and Kenny miss several times with their second ball, while Bob takes his time. He gets back and sinks it on the first shot as Matty finally sinks his second shot. Ken also sinks his and it's a three horse race at this point, with Matty having a large time advantage. It's now down to a first to make the free throw contest and as we're starting to expect, Bob sinks the shot first and wins reward. This challenge has an interesting finish. Our Olympic athlete, Crystal, who never made a shot, decides to take her ball in for the dunk on the four foot net. And fittingly, she misses that too.

Back to Bob, though. He now gets to choose someone to go with him and he chooses Crystal. WHAT????? Now he gets to pick another person and he chooses Kenny. You can only think he's going for strategy here. Next up is to send someone to Exile Island. And who woulda thunk? Susie's still in the game??? He sends her to Exile. As they head off to reward, Matty tells us that his plan is to now get Sugar to align with him and Bob to go against Ken and Crystal.


We now join Bob, Ken and Crystal on their reward. They are greeted with a huge spread of food and drinks. Right away, Ken starts talking about how Matty has to be the next one to go. Bob asks if they could get Sugar on board with that. Bob tells us that he feels pretty good that Ken and Crystal are back with him. Discussion turns to Bob's immunity promise. Ken sorta kinda lets Bob off the hook, but not really. They decide that if Ken seems to be in danger, Bob will give him the necklace. If Bob is in more trouble, he'll keep the necklace. Next up is the shower scene. And I have to say that without a Corinne or Sugar involved, the shower scene is quite dull. After getting clean and changing clothes, they are greeted by a couple of park rangers who tell them all about the project and take them down to the observation platform.

Bob tells us about what an amazing sight this was. He tells us that he's not really a spiritual person but he felt a huge connection between the gorillas and himself that rocked his soul. Moreso than any other Survivor seasons, this one has been filled to the brim with once in a lifetime opportunities. This one was very cool.

Now we're off to the Sugar Shack to check on Susie. Knowing that Sugar has the idol, she takes comfort and tells us how nice it is to relax, eat, rest and not even think about the game - which is pretty run of the mill for her, I would think. She's only made one strategic move in 36 days, for crying out loud.

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