Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Guys Should Win in the End

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2008

Olympic champion. Whatevs.

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Back at Nobag Camp, Matty tells sugar that he really wants Ken and Crystal gone. She tells him that he better win immunity next time or he's gone. Matty calls Sugar, Ken and Crystal the "Evil Three". Sugar tells us that Ken probably is lying to her but that Matty is the biggest physical threat. I keep saying this, but they don't seem to be getting it. How exactly is Matty a physical threat? Is it because of all those challenges he's won? Are you kidding me, this dude is one of the losingest Survivors EVER, yet everyone considers him a threat. Meanwhile, Bob is winning every challenge handily and he's just the lovable old guy. Makes you shake your head, ya know?

Matty suggests that Sugar should give him the idol, since no one's going to vote for her. He tells us Bob will probably win the necklace which leaves him as the man out. Sugar tells us that she will not give anyone her idol and that she plans to use it tonight as it's the last opportunity to use it and she wants to guarantee herself the next round.

We come back to see Bob, Ken and Crystal returning from their reward. The first thing they show off is their clean clothes. Matty tells us how much he doesn't like Ken and Crystal and that he's pissed that they got to go on the reward. And here comes the argument. Matty, Ken and Crystal get into an argument about Ken writing his name down. Crystal tells him how many times her name has been written down and Ken tells him how mad he is about it. I'm not exactly sure how his vote for Matty has made Ken mad, but somehow it has. Matty tells them that they told him they would take him to the Final Four and that he's pissed that they lied to him. After Matty leaves, Crystal tells the rest of them that "Karma's a bitch in this game."


We next see Crystal take Matty aside and tells him that their plan to the final four got changed because he and Susie are so close. So basically, despite staying on their side all the way through this game, to Crystal, it's Matty's fault that he's not part of their alliance anymore. As Crystal continues to pound on Matty, it's affecting Sugar. She tells us that Matty doesn't deserve any of this and that she's starting to see that Kenny will lie to anyone about anything and that Crystal is just a big bully. As we've seen throughout the show, Sugar is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and follows her emotions more than anything else. The question here is, is this enough to get her to act on her emotions?

She heads down to the lake to talk to Matty. She tells him that they're not good people and she believes Matty now and that she was so upset for kicking him when he was down. She then tells him that he's not going. She tells him that she'll talk to Bob and Matty can get Sue and they're going to change this game. Matty asks her who to take out if she's serious. She says Crystal. Matty tells us that he doesn't really want to go to the end with Bob because Bob will dominate, but at least one of the good guys will win.

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