Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Guys Should Win in the End

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2008

Olympic champion. Whatevs.

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The next morning brings another immunity challenge. Today's challenge is a tough one. Each person will study a mask with removable pieces. They'll then have to navigate an obstacle course where they will collect three bags of mask pieces. They'll use those pieces to recreate the mask on a blank mask. So they'll have to be quick and have a good memory. And oh, by the way, did I mention that they'll do all this blindfolded?

Matty is the first to his blank mask, drops off a bag and heads back for a second bag. The rest of the group opens their first bag and begins to work on the mask. Crystal, however, isn't even on the course anymore. Everyone is working on their mask, Matty has all three bags, and Crystal is still not even up to her mask yet. As Susie heads back for her second bag, she goes completely past her original station and off the course. As Bob gets back with his third bag, he calls Jeff over to check out the mask. He does NOT have it. Crystal seems to be on track now and Susie is still not on the course. Ken calls Jeff over to check the mask and he is also wrong. As Matty and Bob race to finish, Bob gets finished again and calls Jeff over. This time, Bob is right and wins his fourth challenge in a row. Talk about domination! Yet Matty is the physical threat. Go figure. As we head to commercial, Ken reminds us of Bob's immunity deal and how now we'll see about Bob's integrity.


We come back from the challenge and right away, Ken and Crystal make their plans. Ken tells her that he's going to ask Bob for the necklace and they'll vote him out. So Ken goes to Bob and tells him how scared he is. Bob doesn't see it. He tells Ken that Matty's the vote and that Ken is not in trouble. He is a horrible liar. How anyone has believed him is amazing. As Bob and Ken are talking, Crystal tells Matty and Sugar that the plan is to get Bob to give Ken the necklace and then vote him out. At this point, Ken comes in and tells them that the only way he'll get the necklace from Bob is that if everyone tells him that they're voting for Ken.

Sugar tells us that she's not digging Kenny's new plan. She says she doesn't want to be aligned with these people. She wants to be aligned with the good guys. So she goes straight to Bob and tells him NOT to give that necklace to Ken. Because if he does, they'll vote him out. She tells Bob that she thinks they should vote for Crystal. She tells him she thinks Susie will vote however Matty's voting. She basically tells Bob to do what he wants but he should take care of himself. She says she will not vote for him despite the fact that he's the biggest threat. She just thinks the good guys should win in the end.

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