The Amazing Race 13, Episode 10

You're Gonna Get Me Killed

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2008

They're still stuck in Russia.

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We don't want to over-exaggerate the point, but being stuck in Eastern Europe without a passport is exactly the plot of Gotcha! And they don't have any dart guns.

Andrew manages to correctly guess the Lenin/Stalin answer on his second attempt. Team Superbad's good fortune continues when Dan is absolved of guilt. Dallas & Toni would have pressured him to let them borrow $10 for a taxi, an action he later says he would rather not have done. But as it turns out, he doesn't have any money as he gave it all to Andrew. And Toni & Dallas know it. Lex Luthor has an easier time killing Superman than The Amazing Race does in eliminating this team.

Dallas & Toni begin to rely on the kindness of strangers when a couple of teen boys offer them guidance on how to complete the task as well as rubles from their wallet to help them do so. Their fate can only be avoided for so long. As Toni & Dallas sprint alongside Team Dandrew to the shetland pony lady, they are denied access to the next clue. The reason why is that they were trying to save money by taking the metro instead of a more expensive taxi to the park. The rules explicitly stated that they must travel by taxi to get to the shetland pony lady. We're not sure how they're going to work this out, but if it were us, we'd get a taxi and travel once along the block.

Team Superbad has hit their Speed Bump, a task that only they must complete. Proving once and for all that the show's producer's have a sense of humor, the task assigned feels targeted toward Dan. The team must learn a Russian dance and perfom it to the instructor's satisfaction in order to proceed. Having seen Dan's previous attempt at rhythm, we know that he'll never be a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance (unless they go the William Hung route). Needless to say, Dan & Andrew fail on their first attempt to complete the dance. Their dancing partners are even shaking their heads.

We visit Ken & Tina for a moment, as they have chosen the Bus task on the Detour. Continuing the trend of "worst Amazing Race contestants ever", they have taken the wrong bus and should apparently be on a trolley instead. We're sure this won't result in a fight or anything, though.


Team Superbad is finally finished with their Speed Bump, though we're feeling like the dance instructor was awfully generous. We briefly get a glimpse of the Good Team, and they've finished their Detour and are first to the Pit Stop. This has been a foregone conclusion for about half the show. And hey, look. They won another trip. Ho-hum.

A few more things happen before the end of the episode. The first is that Dan & Andrew epitomize the quality of this season by finishing in second place, earning themselves a one in three shot at winning the race. The second is that Ken & Tina continue the theme that this is quite possibly the worst overall leg in the show's history when Phil informs them he can't check them in because they forgot to pick up their clue at the end of the Detour. Depending on how you describe a mistake, the teams combined to make somewhere between 17 and 23 in this particular leg. The worst part? There were only four teams - and the Good Team didn't make any mistakes. The most amazing part? One of the participants no longer has a passport. We're redefining gross incompetence.

After a few moments of fake reality show tension, Ken & Tina return to the finish line. They have a one in three chance at winning a million dollars...technically. If we were Nick & Starr, we'd already be putting a down payment on a house.

Rather than extend their misery, Phil walks over to the spot where Toni & Dallas are begging for change on the street and tells them that they have been eliminated from the race. He has the displeasure of informing them that despite the fact that they are significantly better than two of the three teams in the final, they will not be in the final three. A nice mother/son moment occurs, wherein they state their affection for one another and make their peace with their misfortune. Our only consolation is that we are only one episode away from Nick & Starr's coronation, which will mercifully end the abject failure that is Amazing Race 13.

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